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Better a poor horse than no horse at all. Because, depending on the mentality of each person, the type and expression of love. However, it is very important to be sublime in this regard. With the exception of 'I love you', there is no intelligent way to express love or affection. Cook your partner's favorite food without waiting for any formalities. Surprise the partner by presenting the food of his choice at the dinner table or with the food of his choice in his tiffin box. As well as writing something funny or making a secret in the notes do not forget to do any jokes. 3. If your partner is ever too tired or busy, help him by doing something. You can also give your partner a chance to rest or relax. Even if you are not on your journey, you can occasionally take your partner to his or her workplace or elsewhere. If your partner thinks you are in trouble for him, explain to him that you really want to spend time with him. Offer your partner the last piece of food or pizza of your choice. This will make him realize that you are doing this only for him. Don't do that for anyone else. Praise your partner in front of your friends and loved ones. Express his good qualities for which you love him. This will make her realize that you love her very much. As a result, your partner will feel comfortable in front of your friends. . Get to know your partner, who he or she cares about, such as his or her family, friends, and so on. Join your partner in any way he likes, such as watching a game on TV, playing a video game, or maybe he's just sitting there. Then you can continue the light talk or conversation. This will allow the partner to realize that you are paying special attention to him

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