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Reminder-don't hear the words of negativers

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8 months ago

πŸ“š A friend asked to his friend who was the mother of a baby,

"What gift did your husband give you in joy at the birth of the baby?"

The mother's said,

"Nothing was given."

the friend said,

β€œWhat a man he is?

he has no love in his heart.

When the friend was gone

The mother sit & thought about what the friend had said.

she shouted to the husband about the gift the wife and the husband become to quarrel

That quarrel finally led to their divorce !!


Years later Abdullah and his friend met,friend asked to Abdullah

β€œWhere do you work?

Abdullah mentioned the name of the company where he works

The friend asked,

"How much is your salary?"

Abdullah said, "9000."

The friend asked,

β€œJust 9000 rupees !?

How do you live up with this salary ?! ”

Abdullah said,

β€œWhat can I do?

That's only I will get. ”

The conversation is over.

After that, Abdullah began to show a lack of focus on work.

he asked the employer to increase his salary,

But the boss was not ready for it,

Abdullah quit that job

Now he is wandering without work !!


Someone asked to the father(who was living alone),"Isn't your son is not coming to see you?"

The father said, "Yes, he will come once a month.

The man asked,

β€œWhat a son is your's?

he will comes only once at a month!

Does he dont love you so much ?! ”

The father said, β€œ he has somany works at his office he can't take mire leave besides, his wife and children are there and he has to take care of them. ”

The man said,

β€œWell, you raised him and taught him,

Is this what he should do now ?! ”

After the person left, the father was very upset at what the person had said.

Always just thinking about that regularly ..

Eventually that poor father became mentally ill.


* Remember, the words that come out of our tongues can make difference in others. If you look for the cause of many quarrels between friends and family, you will find that someone else has a role in it. Those who say negatives to others are not remembering that the words that come out of their tongues can ruin the lives of others. The use of our words must be used with great care. Words should try to reconcile relationships, and we should use words with the thought that we should never have a single mental strain on a relationship.

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Written by Β Β 1
8 months ago
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