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Salaam to all my mates. I hope you all will be fine and enjoying the platform with full zeal.

From few days the news regarding the whatsapp privacy is scrolling on social media networks, and many users are confused regarding that their privacy will be harmed by the implementation of the new rules over it.

As long as the matter is concerned, there is share of the whatsapp with the Facebook. The contract of Facebook with the whatsapp was made for seven or more years ago. Now the duration has ended up. So few modifications regarding the privacy of the whatsapp chats are going to make.

I am noticing that many users are annoyed by this kind of act with the whatsapp and they are deleting their accounts without any thought. I think they must avoid this if they are ordinary, and single like me.

IF we talk on the previous privacy of the whatsapp chat, then we know that there was end to end chat encryption which means that what we chat, it was also beyond the knowledge of the whatsapp also. But now there are some modifications are going to made.

This major modification is that, if we chat then the previous data of one month will be provided to the Facebook for the ads. Which means that what we mostly chat on the whatsapp,your thoughts will be attempted to make divert from it on Facebook with the aid of Facebook ads. It is paid job that Facebook will do.

Besides these modifications, some other privacy of the user will be provided to the whatsapp like.

Signal strength

Battery status

Phone model


Time zone

Ip adress

WhatsApp usage

Payments & transactions

Status updates

Group details

Profiles pictures

About info.

These lists of information will be provided to the whatsapp from the user by clicking the "agree" option in the new privacy details.

IF you are agree to the above mentioned details to provide to the whatsapp then you may agree, otherwise you "disagree" it.

IF due to some faults, you want to disagree but you made agree then only option is to Uninstall the application and install it again. Then you can recover your data by applying on the backup option. Then you can disagree against the privacy policy.

For those, who want to quit the whatsapp application due to privacy issues, then they can manage it by using two common and famous applications.




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