The more you suppress the more we will rise..

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2 years ago

It is an old saying that there is more burden on the straight stem of a plant.. Few days ago, I was get to know that a you tube channel of a personnel in Argentina has been banned as he used to aware people how to adopt bitcoincash..

That's really a dilemma for all of us how the positive doings are going to be wasted just because of some jealous ones. You tube censored the Argentina channel just notifying that he has violated the community guidelines of the server with reports of scams. But the history shows that the man used to make videos to guide folks how they can onboard themselves towards bitcoincash. He just used to learned the BCH adoption method, merchants onboarding, community guides, P2P guidelines of transactions and many simple and legal contents of these sorts..

It was never notified him before that he is violating the community guidelines but suddenly he received a notification of his banned you tube channel due to review of some injust reports of some jealous people..

From all the story elaborated above, it is clearly manifested that we are also not safe. Although we work honestly on safe content, but a fake report of someone cannot decide The banning of our efforts.

BCH is the crypto of the future with bright promises with the people engaged with it. Whole the process of transaction is P2P and safe with no chances of scam, so how they banned the someone's efforts.

We as a BCH community must raise our voice against this rude act of You tube so that no one may be the victim of such fake reports,

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