The harsh realities of our life

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11 months ago

Have you noticed that as children we can't wait to grow up and become adults so we can be independent, have our own car, travel the world alone, go on dates etc but when we actually grow up and become adults then we start missing our childhood and wish we could somehow go back in time and never grow up .

As children we don't realise the harsh reality of life and how cruel and unfair it can be since we are not yet fully exposed to it and are dependent on our parents who are always there to protect us but when we grow up into adults and become independent that's when the reality hits us and we start seeing things as they truly are.

In this article I will be sharing with you some of the harsh realities of our life.

Looks do matter

We hear this alot that looks don't really matter and the actual beauty lies within you but the reality is different. We live in a world where people who are more attractive and good looking definitely have a huge advantage over others in almost every area of life. Good looking and attractive people also get to enjoy a number of additional benefits and perks compared to the rest of us for example they don't have to struggle or work as hard as others in order to get hired for a job and it's also alot more easier for them to find a great life partner.

Life is very unpredictable

Another harsh reality of life is that it's very unpredictable. We make so many plans for our future but the truth is that we don't even know what's going to happen the very next moment and whether we will even be alive to see another day. You also never know when you could end up losing the people you love the most that's why they say it's always better to live every moment like it's your last and be there for your loved ones while you still can.

People around you would be happy to see you succeed just as long as your success doesn't surpass theirs

You would be surprised to know that most people in your life that even includes some of your loved ones will be happy for your success as long as it doesn't surpass theirs. It could even be your siblings, your life partner or your best friend. You must be wondering how is that possible that the people you love so much envy you if you end up being more successful than them? Well it's because of insecurity since they must feel that they are somehow below you because you are doing better than them even if you have never made them feel this way. This most certainly doesn't mean everyone in your life would be like this because some would be happy for you no matter what for eg your parents.

The law and justice system is not same for everyone

There is no doubting the fact that the law and justice system is not the same for everyone. In other words if someone is rich and powerful they might even get away with some of the most serious crimes but on the other hand middle class or poor people would immediately be held accountable for a petty little crime. This corrupt system of selective justice exists all around the world and is a harsh reality of life and the world that we live in.

Fake people are liked more than real people

Another bitter reality of life is that fake people are liked more than real people because they would simply hide whatever they think will be disapproved by others. Fake people would tell others what they want to hear rather than what's actually true unlike real people who would speak the truth without caring if someone likes it or not. As a result fake people are considered more friendly and likeable and are liked more than real people.

All of us are going to die one day

Another bitter truth about life is that we are all going to die one day. People nowadays are so busy competing others and trying to make money that they most often forget that all the materialistic stuff won't matter when they die. Life is too short so instead of wasting all this time on building the best life for yourself we should focus on doing things that make us happy because we only live once.

This was my list of some of the harsh realities of life and I'm sure there are plenty of other ones too but these are what I could think of on the top of my head. Anyways I really hope you guys enjoyed reading my article and if you did don't forget to leave a thumbs up.

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11 months ago


All of these are all truth and harsh realities. Although I do think "looks does not matter in all instances". I have seen a lot of broken hearted good looking people. I truly think the heart plays a great role in loving. I am a hopeless romantic. But to some extent looks can matter.

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11 months ago