Prevention Of Sucidial Thoughts

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The big and very serious issue that destroying our communities mostly our young generation and this crisis is sucidial thoughts in young generation especially, this alarming issue increasing day by day with strongly and now a days majority of young people choose this way and only reason it's behind that is depression and anxiety and these disease growing very fastly .

Actually Anxiety and Depression both these problems are basics of Suicidal thoughts and spreading this crises among adults and this criteria is only born from the lonliness and also lack of participation in fun activities those people didn't participate in sports and don't have interest in hobbies and don't have any interest in In chat with friends those people are victims of suicide.

Few Days before a famous Indian actor had committed suicide everybody know his name his name is sushant singh rajput When the police did the investigation, the The reason came out for his suicide that He had to stay away from his family and away from friends .

Last Month happened in my hostel at equal appartment a youngster committed suicide reaaon came out that he was mentally disturb because he was living alone at his appartment and relations was going good not good with family lot of times i saw from my eyes he was looking so tense and he didn't any interest chat with people he likes loneliness in own room and Often we were go out for outings and we ask to him plz come with us but he said i don't like outings

and in the results his dead body found droop with Fan.

Now its time fight hard with this Torment our governments should take some serious steps and people should must contribute and support each other to end this torment from society.

These step should must following to fight against depression and Anxiety and that i have write in the Below .

1. Avoid Drugs and take Good Diet Daily.

2. Spend some Time with Friends everyday.

3. Participate in sports and Fun Activities.

4. Always Keep smile on Face and avoid anger.

5. Some Time must give to family and Do Good Chat with Them.

These Steps should Follow Govrnments of Every country to fight against Depression.

1.Govrnments should provide Playlands as much as possible for Childrens.

2. Provide sports grounds as much as possible in every town.

3. Make Gardens and parks on Empty places for enjoyment .

4. Banned Drugs which behind this disease .

5. Provide Sports Tools to Everyone without any fee.

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