Money Important or Love

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2 years ago

Hello everyone today my grandfather came at my home and tell us very meaningful old time stories I learned a lot from his talk suddenly he ask question from me that love is most important or Money what will you choose if both are in the front my reply was both are important because without money a man can never buy a love suddenly my grandfather interuppt my answer and said love never depend on money and love is more important from money and love can never buy from anything yes indeed it is possible that we can get happiness from money but you never buy love from money because money is only a paper infront of love those people fall in love infornt of them money has no value , money is need of couples and families but not true lovers they did love each other from heart not for money .

My grandfather also tell a story of two true lovers of neighborhood village he tell us rich girl fall in love with poor boy boy has shopkeeper but on the other hand girl was daughter of village King definitely the king family was so rich but shopkeeper was so poor he earned as much that he and his family can eat two times food then one day the car of kings daughter stops infront of shop of poor shopkeeper for some shopping when both meet each other they fall in love in first meet and King daughter buy something from his shop he denied to take money and he said you are first time to visit my shop so I can't take money but in real he fall in love even both of them and after months both get married with each other and girls father that he was king , he decide to give big new house and new car and millions rupees as a gift to daughter husband who was poor shopkeeper but he denied to take these things and said to king I married with your daughter for not greediness because I fall in love with her in the end result is that money has no value in the way of True Love .

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