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Worrying can't solve anything

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1 year ago

Worrying can't solve anything

Worrying can't solve anything

Greetings friends...

There is one wrong habit people indulge that could spell doom for them health wise and, in fact, in all ramifications. And that's the habit of worrying over issues. And that's what I wanna write about on this post.

To make tangible and measurable progress in any endeavour, you just have to forget the past failures, and again most importantly stop worrying over issues you have no power to change. Worrying would only worsen the situation because it cuts you off from the realm of seeking and finding effective solutions.

You need to stop worrying in order to get into a solution-facilitating realm. Worry not, moreso because worrying cannot solve anything.

Be at peace when you get into troubles and silently seek solutions inwardly in realms that's above human sphere of understanding. Sleep over it and while sleeping be meditating in it. Most times, solutions is found in this state.

Get it thay worrying can't solve anything.

Thanks for reading.

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