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Open Your Eyes

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Open Your Eyes

Once upon a time King William. He Notices that the people of his nation so lazy they just doing normal work never thought about the country's progress nor the progress of themselves. He thinks a lot but can't found anything that his nation wakes up and works hard.

He Called the Smart people of Royal Palace and tell them all matter. They start thinking, and one of them gives an amazing idea.

He said my respected King: If you said to the nation pay extra tax on every product as you know this is against the rule so they wake up and protest for themselves. Everyone agrees with him.

King William like his suggestion and the next day the extra tax implication. The king and smart people of the royal palace waiting for the reaction of the nation.

No Response, No Reaction. Nation Sleep tightly. 🤣

Another day King William call the smart people of the royal palace and asked about now what we do, of them again give very nice suggestions.

My Respected King: If we implement a tax on that bridge where they all cross every day for going to work. Everyone likes his suggestion, King agrees with him.

A tax implementation happened on that bridge.

Everyone is silent, No reaction.

Now King William worried about them.

He again smarts people of his royal palace, now everyone is silent because the nation sleeps so tight.

One of them said, My king if we hit very hard on those peoples who cross that bridge they must speak out. And almost everyone crosses that bride every day.

Everyone likes his suggestion.

The day of implantation.

No reaction everyone is Silent.

After two days, the crowd around the palace, King William is shocked. 😲

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