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Ladies and High Heels. #freewrite

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1 year ago

Ladies and High Heels. #freewrite

I'm not a lady but have observed that ladies are not always comfortable with high heels but they still go for them anyway.

I have seen it countless times ladies putting easily flat foot wares in their bags when going going for a function. Some come to Church with these flat wares and change to their high heels at the gate. Immediately after the occasions as they step out of the venue they quickly change back to their easy wares or sandals as the case maybe. Some can't even endure to walk with this high heels for more than ten minutes. Once they stand up or take a work on return to their seat they change to the flat heels. If they have any reason to stand up again they quickly change back to their high heels. This is why most times when a lady is announced to come forward to perform a function they take much time. You wonder why? They are changing shoes.

Do you know why ladies love high heels despite the discomfort? Please share with me.

Some men shoes are also made with high heels albeit not like these of ladies because the heels are flat not pointed. I don't like those type of shoes because of their extra weight. I like light weight shoes.

For the ladies I must admit that high heels add gorgeousness to their walk and personality.

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