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As My Part Time Job

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1 year ago

As a full time mom, taking care of five kids at the same time, home tutor for my 2 kids who are still in grade school, doing all the household chores from day to night, I feel like I can no longer do something else out of this routine that I have everyday. But, I wanted to have a part time job. A job where in I don't just earned but a job where I can distress myself. So, more on an activity where I can divert my attention.

Everyday, even I've been busy the whole day, I still have time to check my social media accounts. That's every night after I take my kids to bed. So I search for any possible part time jobs thinking I might be flexible enough to do something else while doing household thingy. Good thing I still have this account where I can freely share my thoughts, I can share my ideas on life, being vulnerable at times and just sharing my daily activities. It make me feel less tired. It makes me feel like I have accomplish something else.

This part time job I chose to have, ( though I am really not using this to earn), just calling this my part time job because it is something completely different from the things I do the whole day. This can also be a therapy for my unstable mind. This made me focus on what I wanted to do and made me think of things that I wanted to share. So, I really hope this platform will forever stay.

Good morning😉

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I also use this to express my emotions which I can't show to other people maam..

Fighting lang.

God Bless!

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1 year ago