What are Memory Enhancement and Strengthening Techniques?

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Memory: Being able to process information and store it in accordance with the structure of the brain; It is the ability to recall and use it when necessary. The other name for memory is memory. Human memory, which can be developed with memory techniques, is a huge storage area with uncertain borders. Children's memory in particular is open to rapid and effective development.


1-Ways to Improve Memory with Imagination / Animation

The information that people can easily store is visual information. You may have a hard time remembering the name of a street, but you will not easily forget the view of the street. If you are listening to the subjects that you do not observe personally or read from somewhere, you can make them permanent in your memory by using the visualization method in your mind. When you want to teach your children something, have them narrate and envision it. This method is frequently applied in educational institutions as it facilitates learning.

While reading this article, if you could put your hand into the screen, take the sentences you want and put it in your pocket, which sentences would you archive? I think this takes the last sentence in your palm; You would put it in your pocket to use it elsewhere.

While reading the orange phrases above, did you really dream for a moment that you put your hand on the screen and collect letters, words, phrases? If you had such a dream, it is likely that you will remember this article from now on when the topic of memory techniques comes up.

2-Effective Memory Use Techniques by Regulating Sleeping and Nutrition Habits

Sleep is not just to improve memory; It is very important to be able to respond to all kinds of needs of the body. So, what kind of sleep are we talking about? Uninterrupted and quality night sleep is one of the ways to improve memory for both children and adults. Since sleep also affects attention and concentration, it directly affects memory because attention is the first step in long-term memory. When we do not pay attention, we cannot memorize what the teacher told. We can never see the details of a landscape that we do not pay attention to. Therefore, it is impossible for us to remember the details. Therefore, being careful is essential to use memory effectively. Quality sleep is essential to start the day fit and carefully!

What Are Foods That Improve Memory?

Food is also an important title among memory enhancement ways. Some of the foods that improve memory: Walnuts, lemons, carrots, dairy products, pomegranate, fish, eggs, whole grains ...

3-Improving Memory by Exercising

Playing memory games is a good exercise method. You can improve your spatial memory, short-term memory, visual memory, auditory memory skills with these kinds of scientific games.

4-Memory Strengthening Techniques By Grouping Or Associating

The method of memorizing by establishing a similarity with what we already know so that we can later recall the sequence of an event or the way a task is performed is called association. You can think like making a 62 rabbit. Match things, numbers, words, scents with other concepts. As a good learning and education method, association attracts the attention of children.

We can also use the grouping technique to keep different events or objects in long-term memory. Example: If we need to keep in mind a list in the form of cars, pots, wheels, spoons, brake pedal, glass, our brain registers the automobile, wheel and brake pedal as a group. He registers the kitchenware as a separate group. In this way, you can make groupings based on the common properties of the objects. For example, you can group them as common initials, common colors, common areas of use. You must have applied such learning techniques throughout your education life. With grouping, it becomes easier for you to recall (remember) the information you have recorded.

5-Memory Strengthening Techniques Using Nimonic Method

The method of supporting difficult-to-memorize concepts with easy concepts in our memory (or that we can memorize) is called nimonic. By using nimonic, it becomes easier for us to recall the information we have stored. It is a method that is used to keep written information in mind and is frequently preferred by teachers in schools. We frequently use the memorization method using nimonics in lists that need to be memorized.

Nimonic Example: When asked to rank the planets by their proximity to the sun, "Curious Parent Flew From Earth to Sell Tokens to Mars, Why?" You can get help from the sentence.

Curious = Mercury

Veli = Venus

From Earth = World

To Mars = Mars

Token = Jupiter

To sell = Saturn

Flew = Uranus

Why is that? = Neptune

You will not easily forget this information anymore. Your child will not forget it either;) As you can see, improving memory is not a very complicated task.

In order to support our children's memory development, we also need to master memory processes (This also applies to our own memory enhancement studies). Ways to strengthen memory have been developed considering the following stages.

MEMORY STAGES: The Process of Recording and Recalling Information

1. Coding and recording stage: Making sense of the information (seen, heard, felt, etc.) gained through experience and keeping the brain in the recording at this stage. With Relational Example: You can think of it as a video camera recording an image.

2. Storage phase: It is the storage of the recorded information in a format that can be reused. If we continue with the previous example, you can think of it as being thrown to the hard disk after the video recording is stopped.

3.Recall (Recall) phase: The process of recalling (recalling) stored information with a trigger. You can think of it as re-viewing the video that we record with the camera and take it to the hard disk with 1-2 mouse clicks.

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