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What is Success?

Success is taking an action, overcoming a task, the result of which is considered beneficial.

As you can see, the secret to being successful is not associated with having superior abilities. Of course, this is true because having superior abilities (such as dexterity, intelligence, power) are some of the factors that make it easier to be successful; not all. Success is a result that should be interpreted according to what, according to whom, under what conditions and with similar questions. Let's go back to the topic of ways to success if we agree so far.


1- In order to be successful, it is necessary to learn to learn lessons and not to make excuses:

When you examine the lives of successful people, you will see exactly this: People who have been successful both in their academic life, business life and social life are people who have learned from all their past positive and negative experiences. Instead of making excuses when the results of your work do not satisfy you or someone, you should think about where you went wrong or what you missed. Making this approach a way of thinking is undoubtedly the first step of being successful.

When we choose to learn from consequences that appear to be "mistakes" in the moment, we stop them being mistakes and put them in the experience class. When we think like this, we can clearly see that we are adding a new one to our experiences that will enable us to be successful in life. That's great!

2- It is necessary to set a goal to be successful!

Goals are concepts that increase a person's internal motivation and add meaning to the work done. Every person from 7 to 70 can set short or long term goals for himself.

Example: The goal of a primary school student who goes to grade 1 may be to get the "knows how to read" badge. Thanks to this short-term goal, when the student needs to study, "why am I studying?" finds a satisfactory answer to the question.

Why am I struggling to rewrite these syllables over and over?

-Because I aim to get the "reading achievement" badge.

People's goals grow and change with age. We, as adults, set goals for ourselves and make the work we do today more meaningful.


My goal is to reach the x point in my career because if I get where I want in my career, I will have economic freedom. I work for this.

My goal is to do the job given to me in the best way because I want to prove myself. I work for this.

I will prove myself because I can get more job offers that way. My goal is to increase my income potential and I work for it.

The most important rule when setting a goal is to set a date. Otherwise, it will remain only as "dream" instead of "goal" until our goal is realized. Even if we cannot determine a clear date when we set a goal, we can determine a date range that is likely to occur. In this way, we enter a planning process.

3- Making an Effective Planning to be Successful

We do this many times, consciously or unconsciously. We plan our day every morning when we wake up. We more or less plan a school term or work period in our minds. Then we continue our lives in accordance with this plan. The trick is to be able to plan correctly.

We tried to answer in the article "What should I do to be successful?" Even his question indicates the need for a plan.

Example: What should the child do to be successful?

A good study plan is very important for academic success. In this plan, we can determine in advance what times of the day and on what days of the week and how to work.

What is Academic Success?

Academic success is the performance or exceeding the expected performance of a person in school and education processes.

4- People Who Know Themselves Well Are Successful

Discovering one's own talents shows what he can do very well. However, we should all know very well in which subjects we do not have the desired level of skill or experience. Knowing what we can and cannot do (at least for now) saves us time and enables us to be successful by making the right choices.

For example, forcing to become a singer when our voices are not good can result in frustration on our behalf, which makes us say "I failed". Actually, there is no failure. There is a preference mistake. Likewise, it will not be a coincidence that we are academically successful if we have the ability to draw and choose to study in the fine arts department.

People who can really criticize and know themselves well are not affected by the negative thoughts of others and do not try to copy others. Look, pay attention to this part. It is right to imitate successful people; It is not right to copy successful people!

5- In order to be successful, it is necessary to work and act.

In some jobs, there may be people who make less effort but are more successful than you. This does not mean that you will never be more successful than that person. There may also be someone who is more experienced than you in the said job or has more developed mental skills in that direction. In this case, all you have to do is work a little more. That's all!

REMEMBER: Success is not the shortest way to reach results. Success is achieving the best result.

Always take action for what you plan, take action. Waiting until you have the perfect plan is actually nothing more than delaying success. Maybe with a page of writing or a small job, start from somewhere to implement your plans. When you get involved in the process, you will see that you can actually succeed.

6-It is necessary to be stable for success.

Giving up or getting bored after a few tries are hidden obstacles to success. Likewise, constantly looking for the easy way can prevent people from doing their job. Failed jobs are deemed to have failed. So being stable is the secret to being successful.

7- Choosing a Friend Affects a Person's Success in Life

We may have read hundreds of advice and dozens of articles on choosing the right friend. The point I want to underline here is: Do not consider the necessity of choosing the right friend as just “protection from mistakes”. When you get together with the right people and do the right things, you can lead success.

Join organizations you are invited to, meet new people and always be social. People do business with people, as Manzie R. Walfer, a successful businessman and writer, says. So, even if your job does not require communicating with others, you will still need people as the result of your work will affect other people's lives. The success of an online shopping site is actually the success of people working in the background. Meeting new people can offer you new opportunities.

8- Being a Perfectionist is One of the Hidden Obstacles to Success. Get Rid of This!

Recall the definition of success. You don't have to be the best at your job. If you can be what you can, but cannot be, you do not have to quit. What matters is what is expected of you or what you expect of yourself. Probably, people pointed to were not once the best in their field either;)

9- It is also difficult for individuals with poor mental health to be successful

As I mentioned at the beginning of the article: Success is a very general concept. Let's say in summary to be successful in life. To be successful in life, we must take care of our mental health. By focusing on continuous goals and achievements, we cannot achieve sustainable success by sacrificing our social life, our loved ones and the time we spare for ourselves. After a while, we may find ourselves moving away from the jobs we are successful in, for reasons such as burnout syndrome and depression.

Every person should know, discover and devote time to the activities they enjoy. As a social being, one should spend time with loved ones.

10- Ways to Succeed in Summary Item Item

Learning from experiences that seem negative

Not making excuses

Introduce yourself


Taking action, taking action

To be stable

To have the right friend, the right environment

Not to be a perfectionist

It is necessary to take care of our mental health.

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