Love Must Be Fed Every Day

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Relationships are like a beautiful delicate plant. A relationship must be nurtured every day. It also needs water, nutrients, sunlight ... If it doesn't get the attention it needs, it sheds its leaves, dries and dies.

You cannot put off showing your love until you feel like it. You have to feed your love every day. A beautiful and precious love deserves care with the little things. These are the things that feed you from your roots and really pamper you.

When we talk about "nurturing" love, we're not just talking about your bond with your partner. Also, we are talking about the basics necessary for raising a child. We are talking about the need to be given support and love on a daily basis in order to increase their self-confidence and inner strength to face the world.

This probably seems obvious to you. We all know what the word love means, but sometimes we forget that this emotion must be deliberately shown in order to be realized. Love must be nurtured every day through the little things.

Think about that.

For love to be sincere, you must show

We are sure that you are familiar with this situation. You have a family member close to you who often tells about how much he loves you. However, it's not when you really need it. In fact, they are never there to give shape and meaning to the love that he speaks of in his words.

Therefore, love must be expressed diligently, both in a grand way and in small and mundane things.

You can't put off love until you get a better time

Those who are always busy, who do not know what to prioritize or how to set limits on things that are important and secondary, often wake up in unhappiness. For example, think about parents who don't pay enough attention to their children; they always have more important responsibilities.

It is clear that the working hours demanded in today's world do not quite match family life. But there is one thing to remember: it doesn't matter how much or how much time you spend with your children. The important thing is that the hours you spend together are QUALITY.

Sometimes the most sincere love should be able to be shown even in the smallest way. It doesn't matter if it's small or big, as long as it's sincere.

Love is in small things, not in big gestures

Some people make the mistake of undervaluing love. For them, being in a relationship means believing that everything is forgivable, that effort is no longer necessary, and caring for the other person is no longer a priority.

It is WRONG to think like that. Relationships are like a beautiful delicate plant. It also needs water, nutrients, sunlight… If it doesn't get the attention it needs, it sheds its leaves, dries up and dies. The same applies to all relationships: if you neglect it and don't appreciate it, you will lose.

We have to remember how important little things are. We can't forget to feed our relationships every day on what really matters:

  • Your words and tone of voice that you use in communication.

  • The language you use: understanding and empathy.

  • Appearance and body language.

  • Showing what you love is a priority for you.

Don't put off the love you can give today to tomorrow

The best time to show your love to someone is NOW. It is not important to be fatalistic and to think about what might happen tomorrow. Instead, it is important to invest mutually to create full, sincere and meaningful relationships.

  • You need to be aware of how you interact with people every day and what you do to make them feel good, happy, and loved.

  • Sometimes, a smile to your kids or a little special touch that will make your partner fall more in love with you.

There are few things in this world that are more important than feeling loved and knowing how to give love. Invest in mutual and everyday love. Pay attention to the little things and your goal is to make your favorite people happy.

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