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Nokia Reports Dangerous Increase In Cyberattacks On IoT

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1 year ago

 The vulnerability of devices connected to the Internet is increasing by leaps and bounds. Nokia's threat intelligence report confirms this.

This report also highlights that as a result of COVID-19, cybercriminals have created numerous campaigns to explore user data. In the same way, just as the personal data of users can be theft, so can that of companies. Teleworking is opening doors to these cybercriminals and it is the responsibility of companies to educate their workers so that they are not deceived by these malicious users. With awareness and responsibility, companies will avoid serious problems such as system blockages or information theft.

The report found that Internet-connected devices, or IoT, infected represent 33% in 2020 compared to 16% in 2019.

The results of this report are based on data obtained from monitoring the network traffic of more than 150 million devices around the world, where Nokia's NetGuard Endpoint Security product is deployed.

IoT devices will continue to grow. Smart security monitoring systems for home, drones and medical devices. Consumers and businesses will take advantage of the high bandwidth and network capabilities that 5G provides, according to the report.

The success of these devices being infected depends on their visibility on the internet.

In networks where devices are routinely assigned to public-facing Internet IP addresses, the infection rate is higher. In networks where carrier-grade network address translation is used, the infection rate is lower.

The report reveals a malware disguised as a "Coronavirus Map" application issued by Johns Hopkins University, thus taking advantage of users' search for information on the issue that most concerns society at the time, COVID-19 . Cybercriminals take advantage of fear and see an opportunity in this situation.

The report recommends only downloading apps from trusted stores, such as GOOGLE AND APPLE.

Bhaskar Gorti, Nokia's president of software and chief digital officer, said:

"The radical changes that are taking place in the 5G ecosystem, with the deployment of more 5G networks around the world as we move towards 2021, open up vast opportunities for malicious actors to take advantage of vulnerabilities in IoT devices."

This report reinforces the importance of consumers and companies being aware of how essential it is to carry out safe browsing.

The awareness and responsibility of users is very important to get out of cyberattacks.

In Securemind360 you can find the best awareness system for employees on the market. A system that will help companies and SMEs avoid being infected by criminal organizations that surf the net.

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Written by   163
1 year ago
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