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Are You Practicing Extreme Ownership? - A Journey to Autonomy & Purpose

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7 months ago

It may not appear this way, given my background as a starting college wide receiver, but I never had any interest in becoming a personal trainer. But in early 2014, there was a cataclysmic event that altered everything. I had my health & life-force taken away from me upon suffering a spinal injury.

I was fortunate enough to have a successful surgery & placement into a reputable Physical Therapist practice. Yet, after receiving world class treatment, I re-injured my spine. Although this would seem like a catastrophic event, it was this relapse that sparked my metamorphosis. I made the simple, yet all-powerful decision, to take extreme ownership over my situation, no matter the circumstance. I ditched the excuses, started making good things happen, and stopped dwelling on events that “happened to me.”

After years of obsessing over earning my health back & regaining happiness, I learned of the powerful opportunity I had to inspire the same change in others. My passion for functional strength & mobility as a foundation for a happy life was strong. Some would say too strong, as I legitimately scared people with my enthusiasm, looking like a crazy person being possessed with the power of this concept. But for every person I scared, there was another person who felt my passion, was inspired, and I could feel a change in their spirit. I don’t recall a more rewarding feeling. Even scoring a game-winning touchdown may fall short of this feeling. After realizing this, I knew that I needed to integrate this passion into a profession, so that I may continue to help people make their life’s better on their journey to overall health & happiness, while providing greater purpose to my own life.

It didn't take long before I left my job as a Corporate Financial Auditor in Washington, DC.

I am now a Certified Personal Trainer in my hometown of Dallas, making a priceless difference in the lives of other.

Having had my Health taken from me, I understand it's priceless nature, and I am dedicated to help people earn back their health, keep their health, bolster their health, and add life to their years, as well as years to their lives!

If you feel similarly, and have a passion for health, please reach out.

If you are struggling with your own health, please reach out and let's see how I can help.

Thanks for reading!

In health,

Sean Ballard


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7 months ago
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