Cyclone Amphan & It's Effects

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3 years ago

    Hello and welcome everyone to this news which is about one of the most catastrophic cyclone I have seen in my life and that has affected the lives of many people. 

      Cyclones are rather familiar in the Bay of Bengal and frequently have more harm in Bangladesh and maritime regions of West Bengal, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu. Bangladesh has been ravaged by cyclones the number of periods. In November 1970, the serious cyclone had the 6 M increase in sea-level and the resulting flooding killed around three lakh people.

      The effect of Cyclone Amphan on West Bengal has been worse than the SARS COV-2 epidemic, Chief diplomat told the day after that highly serious cyclonic storm pounded Bengal, killing three people, damaging buildings and uprooting trees. Harms owing to Amphan, she stated, would be worth Rs 1 lakh crore. The cyclone affected about 30 villages in the state.

       This time also the state of West Bengal is facing two blows at one time which are SARS COV-2 pandemic and now the cyclone Amphan. Let's pray that all will be well once again.

        Pray for West Bengal and Bangladesh and Odisha.

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3 years ago