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Why Bitcoin Cash will Overtake Bitcoin

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4 days ago

Based on the value and growing popularity of Bitcoin Cash, I will adamantly state that BCH will indeed be on par with Bitcoin in 5 years or less. Likely much less. The reasons are quite simple. People who missed the Bitcoin bandwagon are looking for ways to invest in a stable coin with exceptional growth. That is Bitcoin Cash, my friends and colleagues.

I am one of those who missed the Bitcoin phenomenon, but I did not miss out on Bitcoin Cash. My wallet thickens by the day. Yes, as of today, February 22nd and 23rd, #BCH has seen a slight decrease, but only a silly person would sell their Bitcoin Cash in a dip. A wise person buys!

One of the great things I like about Bitcoin Cash, and you should as well, is the easy way to buy and sell without crazy transaction fees. Those can leave you discouraged when you see 50% or more of your transaction going towards fees that make other people wealthier.

Sure, we should share the wealth, give #BCH on, and even sponsor other people, but spending your BCH needlessly is nothing short of a fool’s errand.

Why would you transfer $100 and pay $40 or more in transaction fees when you can spend a fraction of the fee, like one cent? Even if you have a large stake in Bitcoin, why waste money? Do you really believe the Bitcoin bubble will last forever? It will not.

Keep in mind that the Wall Street gamblers and grifter’s (traders) refused to believe in the bubble they created with subprime loans to people who could never, ever afford to pay their mortgages, even with no money down on a house. Greed was the downfall of Wall Street and it continues as we breathe.

If you look at the stock market today, it is in another huge bubble, and the day is coming when it will burst like it did in 2008, only far worse. There is going to be a multitude of very unhappy people who will lose everything they have. This is not true of Bitcoin Cash!

This is why I am invested in Bitcoin Cash. Listen to the above-mentioned grifter types if you want, but I’ll stick to making my own decisions based on the growth of Bitcoin Cash and its rise to the top five coins in the world for said growth.

By far Bitcoin Cash is much simpler to buy and sell, but if I were you, I would be buying right now. We don’t not have to worry about a bubble with BCH, not as long as it continues on its wise path.

Do you believe sage people like @MarcDeMesel are selling now because of a slight dip? I assure you without even knowing the man that he is buying! And so should we be.

Why? Because it is affordable! I don’t know about you folks, but I don’t have $50,000 plus to buy one Bitcoin, but I do have enough to buy one Bitcoin Cash every two months or so, and I hope to buy more when opportunities present themselves.

The other day, someone asked me why I am even on since I am invested in Bitcoin Cash. I thought it was a silly question but I explained myself. Sure, my BCH is growing, as it will continue to do, but every opportunity to make more BCH is time not wasted. That was my answer, simple, plain, opportunistic!

Maybe I only make $1 here and there. No problem. I am content knowing I am a vital part of the community and the worldwide community of Bitcoin Cash folks who are able to recognize something great in the making.

Finally, and this is quite important, too, Bitcoin Cash is not only inexpensive to buy because of low transaction fees, but it is super quick to transact.

Come on, join me and others on the ride to the mountaintop with Bitcoin Cash. Whatever amount you invest, you are building your future on a solid coin rather than some scam or high-priced coin that has hit its bubble.

Sure, Bitcoin is the Manaslu Mountain right now, but Bitcoin Cash is your future Mt. Everest.

See you at the top!

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Written by   5
4 days ago
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