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Tripped on a Stone

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2 months ago

I'm not so much an anti-love man, as I am able to recognize life for what it is. Veni, vidi, vici. To heck with holidays! Caveat emptor.

Did you? Honestly? Did you buy?

Excellent marketing. Really, it's Marketing 101. New York City, baby! Scamdemic. Gates. Buy, you fools! Research, not TikTok. Mask up, you sheeples! You've no clue. 99.7%. The Great Reset. Agenda 21. Fall in line. Nyet!

You didn't know.

Why? TikTok and games. I cry for you. Ignorance is not bliss.

Because you have no reality, see though colored lens. LSD media, telling you what to believe. Hypnotized. They are watching you, watching me. 1984. But I have a defense to end it all.

Gotta buy. Wall Street. Options. Panic. Buy. Sell. Sell you through sex. Did you miss the pitch? Yeah, thought not. Sucker. Give me a buck. Give me more. Digital currency.

Can you dig the end?

Been there. Done it all, multiple times. The ignorant fall. Time proves it all.

I'll tell you what's a trip, falling for a scam while on the s-$it..

It's the recruitment scam of the US military. Well, actually, ALL military, and all governments.

LSD, oh, Timothy Leary, yeah. But last forever?

Didn't go to Woodstock, as I was in Nam. Didn't have time to flash the peace sign, as I was dodging rounds. Can you say Tet? '68. Then the mines. Bouncing. Death all around.

The kids cried, died. Where were you?

Remember me on the jet?

When you spit on me and knew me not yet?

Duty. Duty and honor.

The sun beat down upon my face, then the monsoons. Torrents. Stinging.

You've no ideal. You! Spit, you fool. Took it like as a soldier. Duty before my God.

You judged, still do. Asinine. Fools. Behind the millennial laptop. You know it all but know not the truth. Fake news.

They were protesting when I took a bullet in the arm. Took that hit, did me no harm physically. Psychosocially? I recall. Got a disability. Cool. But not enough for the PTSD.

I just smoked up to get to my reality, yeah.

I had to see it again and again. Vietnam caravan. Down the Ho Chi Min Trail. Tripped? The mines. Betty. Death. Bombing. Thank you, Nixon. You did well.

Whizzing. Rain. Steel pot as an umbrella. The bullets came from below. Can we do it again? Cold eggs and ham. Hot but green. Letter from Mom. Tears. What happened to her again? I miss you so. Cigarettes.

Can we Marceiito Pomoy again? Let this be our prayer.

Tripped on a stone, fell way up high. Oh, Kat you took my heart and 5 mil, but I forgive you. Tripping no more.

You know what you did. You know.

Took the downers, took the ups, drove those race cars at 170. Nobody new. Screamed 250. Screamed die. Lived. It's a wash.

We crashed, we died and rose gain. We live. Grateful. Do you wish it would never end? It comes.

Tripped on a stone.

Blew my mind. Tripped on a stone. Fell to 2021.

Valium, take me away. Call 'em. Call the VA.

And you call me a stoner? I'm a product, but you'd never know.

Never know. Because I tripped on a stone. Fell to eternity, fell.

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Written by   9
2 months ago
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