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Stop Procrastinating, Get Motivated, Make Bitcoin Cash

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Not making enough money because you are not writing? Procrastination steals valuable time and adversely affects your wallet or purse, or in the case of your digital wallet. Your lack of motivation is your enemy. It steals your future and that of your loved ones. Let’s look at some tips to avoid procrastination, enhance your motivation and earn you more #BCH.

Avoiding procrastination tips

Finish today before beginning your tomorrow. What? This simply means that you should plan for the next day before you go to sleep. It’s really easy to do.

Grab a pad or piece of paper and write down the biggest thing you want to accomplish the next day. Next, write down what you have to do no matter what else occurs the next day. For example, you might list down praying, exercising, spending good time with friends and family.

For me, I keep my list next to my laptop or taped to my iMac where I can see it. My biggest thing for each day is writing a post before the sun comes up or shortly thereafter. Be sure to write these notes down or you will remain in the same rut you’re already in.

Write a post or do nothing

Some people just put off writing because they don’t know where to begin or how to choose a topic. Here’s how to fix that. Promise yourself that you don’t have to write, but, if you don’t write within 3 hours, you cannot do anything else, like watch TV, read a book, go on Facebook or Instagram, etc. Social media is fun but you won’t earn money, so it’s a waste of time if your goal is to earn more Bitcoin Cash on

Remove your distractions

It’s as easy as it sounds. Dogs barking? Traffic and noise pollution driving you up a wall? Keep looking at your smartphone? Eliminate them! Turn your phone off. Find a quiet place to write and do it.

Limit your decisions each day

This kind of ties in to the first tip. Perhaps you, like most of us, face a number of decisions you have to make each day. Decisions force you to answer those questions and burns up precious time and energy. Fix it by making a schedule. For example, exercise on Tuesday, limit your social media to an hour a day, choose what to wear the next day by putting your clothes out, and always schedule the one thing you must do daily: write.

Motivational tips

Many people wake up and drink coffee to motivate themselves. I do it. But the caffeine can also become a distraction that sends you everywhere else but on your one big thing to accomplish for the day: writing on Look, if you’re going to make some money here, you have to maintain your focus!

To gain motivation you have to first and foremost know what you want. Many people really have no clue. Is it a lasting relationship, a new car, money? Success? Financial freedom? A home business or attending university. These are all great goals, but unless you really know what you want, you’re going to continue to procrastinate. Make a decision and decide in detail what you want today.

Someone once said action leads to motivation. I agree. I typically awaken at 4 a.m. and begin my day with prayer, then crank up my laptop and iMac. While doing that I say to myself: “Let’s do this! Make it a productive day!” Then I rub my hands together, take another sip of coffee and begin writing.

Identity politics are the norm these days, right? Why not identify as a self-motivated person? You’re not stupid, but we all make stupid mistakes. Chalk it up as a lesson learned and don’t beat yourself up over the mistake. Identify positively with words like: “I can and will do this!”

Never limit your potential for success.

Aim high! Push yourself. When you set small goals you accomplish little. On the other hand, when you set a big goal or goals, you will perform more actions leading to the achievement of your goals. Again, aim high and push forward. Each goal is a step or steps away. Take those steps and refuse to procrastinate.

Someone else said that when things are vague, the motivation will fade. Truth spoken! The fix for avoiding procrastination and developing motivation is to make habits, and here I mean good habits. Drinking a six-pack of beer a day is obviously not a good habit. Agree?

Make your bed when you wake up, shave or brush your hair, do something daily until it becomes a habit. Bad habits come naturally, good habits compel you to work at them. Do it. Why? Because you can! Keep your motivation moving forward by tapping into the power of your habits. Once you do, you’re going to observe not only much better motivation but more writing here on and wherever else you write, and of course earning more Bitcoin Cash.

Don't wait until tomorrow. Act now.

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Written by   9
1 month ago
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