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The Extra Calm!

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3 months ago

As a person we really need extra strength for us to continue our whole days work. We need extra patient for our kids. So how about extra Calm? Is it really need? Extra calm when you encounter so much trouble for our lives.Extra Calm and keep calm yes it really needs.

When you have in a peaceful life so much relax,your body,soul and spirit. Everything is so amazing for you to have this. So how about when you encounter so much trouble and you never expect that to happen to you? Can we say we need extra calm? Extra calm! Yes we really need Extra Calm! When things don't understand. Extra calm down we really need this.

We encountered different things, different people, and different personalities, different attitudes. So much stress are you people and you don't understand why is that happening. You didn't consult what's the real situation, just you express your feelings to be hurt by someone. And so you we need extra calm! We need extra calm down when you feel can't understand why?

And when a mother shared her problem about her son, she really cried all night till morning. She doesn't know how be Calm. She needs extra calm down for the mother to be relqx and realized why is that happen.

Extra Calm down for us to realize the why, what,how, when? A big realization. Never say anything just sit inhale and exhale and Calm down.

When you are in a situation and sometimes you don't understand why? Jusy sit for a moment and you really need Extra Calm. When someone have a schedule for an job interview and you are in cramming situation, just extra Calm down for you have a focus mind.

Someone will plan the wedding proposal sit down first, relax, Extra calm down! For you to come up the perfect proposal.

Someone have a plan to take examination and you are in a situation you dont understand Extra calm down.

Extra Calm down 🙂🙂 Extra Calm. For our hearts ❤️💜 to be relax and whatever situation may happen for our lives 😊 Extra Calm for us not to panic. For us not to be emotionally drained. Extra Calm!

Sche-Shang here!

Stay blessed 💞

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Written by   6
3 months ago
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