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Hello friends, for those that follow me, know I love slow growing portfolios and at max if they have monthly returns. To match at best those kind of investments there are Cryptocurrency Staking and P2P Landing.

I am relative new to staking, and for the moment I only know Polkadot, as company and product, and since I strictly believe in the motto "invest only in what you know", I did not widened my investments to other Cryptocurrencies for the long term investment.

On the other hand I present you a potential beast that I am currently growing with pride and relatively slow. As already explained in a previous article "My Investment Plan for 2021" I diverge 20% of my stable monthly income into the P2P Landing.


This strategy allows me, due to my fix income, to spend a fix outcome and to predict, in the long run, the returns getting for it, without having to account a higher or lower on the market, often to think in a "Crypto-Investment".

It will look repetitive, but I am still a great supporter and fan of Estate Guru, that is still the optimum investment that always catches my attention on overview, also over ETF's and MSCI portfolios.


Other than the growth, and warranty (Estate Guru insures 100% the investments by a 1st rank mortgage), there are some serious points to talk about, like the fact that none of the investors so far since establishment, has lost any money in the platform.


Further more the statistic overview of the primary market, shows exactly what you will have to expect as "monthly" or "quartal" incomes. So that you will even know yourself in anticipation, how much will go back into the funding. The Business-Development or Bridge Loans, are also pretty quick visible, from the time of investment and very practical is also the overview of the contract as well as the terms and conditions and the payment dates under "schedule".

Well Michele, where does it all start with? It all start with this customized amazing personal referral link: Estate Guru 

With it you and I can earn over our incoming the 0.5%, and if I can get to my 5th refered friend, I get 10 euros for each friend I refer over the 0.5% and we will become super-best-friends.


So it continues to the welcome panel, where there is an overview of the current investments, with primary market, portfolio, account statement (important for taxation, if you are due to taxation) and Auto Invest. The Secondary Market was added only recently.


As for the Primary Market it is straight forward, you will get notified per Email if you want, or if you like it more, you can set it on automatic.
The Primary market  includes investments of few different states, those are of different typology (Business-Development or Bridge Loans), have different Volume (Loan Amount) and most importantly have an expire day, usually a week.
It did happen to me only once at the beginning to invest into a loan that did not get fully invested in, in this case for the days of the pay in and of the acceptance of the loan (there is a waiting time till 10-15 days, due to beurocracy, advocating work etc.) those funds will be classified as "RESERVED" or quasi "pending" outpayment. Because of the Loan is not yet finished to get fund or it has not yet "expired", those money are in Limbo. If the funding will end uncompleted, the money get back into your portfolio for new investments.


If you like automization, than the Auto invest is your click button. Be aware, the minimum investment possible is 50 euros, and only after the sum of 250 euros it would be possivle to acces the advanced settings. Your wished amount of money will leave the portfolio only if the wished parameters are met. The money load into the portfolio will not leave until a loan will be presented in the primary market that matches your preferences.
I prefer to know exactly where my money gets into, what LTV % and what location of the object is, so I usually manually invest my monthly sum, but if you are a bit lazier, Estate Guru did think about it and allows you a pleasent experience.


At conclusion to keep it on efficiency of the platform, you want to know about the diversification you are making and how does your portfolio looks like, well do not worry it will appear on the option portfolio overview and it updates continuously.


The Motto of Estate Guru is "Welcome to EstateGuru, the leading marketplace for short-term, property-backed loans in Europe", I use it in a long term way, as my strategy is to create a constant re-income from the platform itself, in order to refeed it into the platform and reinvest it. As you might have seen, I have 5 euros in my portfolio, as I transfer money and use them before catching all the profit by all different investments, there is always a margin of unused fund, but it is not a big deal, as the machine still needs to adjust and create it's own eco-system.

Being a continuous and fix income per month, I can predict:

1- the time to automatism (in my case in 1 year)
2- the earning over a determined amount of time (due to predisposed and selected %PY)
3- effectiveness of the Investment
4- does not need monitoring or testing at 6 and 12 months (for my fans that love to ask me the personal stats, I do not run them on P2P)

My Plan is to keep it running for about 10 years

and my only risk is that the platform will not live as long, but it did almost live 10 years till now... my favourite contact free real estate


Ciao and thanks for reading
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Disclaimer: this is a blog article, it is not a registered investment, legal or tax advisor or a broker. All investment and financial opinions expressed are from the personal research and experience. Those respect the personal phylosophy and follow a personal risk management. Do your own research in case you would like to start somewhat a similar path or consult your investment advisor.

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