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If you ever woundered if one day you will produce illimited amount of currency, well you are not far from your dream, there is a browser called CryptoTab which allow you to share the power of your PC and allowing it to be part of a P2P Network, wich than will mine directly Bitcoin (BTC).

How does it work?

You will need to go to CryptoTab website and download the Browser, as you would do with Chrome or Brave, than you will need to register and verify your Email.

After that you can let it do its work in the background, only thing you will need is to surf the internet with the CryptoTab browser.

Your PC will not mine itself, but it will share power in a world network that will mine, that allows sellers and buyers to trade computing power for crypto mining. It is a Win-Win situation as the Sellers can earn using Cryptotab Browser, and buyers can buy computing power on any favorable mining algorithms on profitable terms.

How quick is it? it is fairly slow (something in between 800 H/s and 1000 H/s and you will earn something like 1-2 cents of a dollar a day, there are also ways to upgrade:
1- invite other friends to join, you can exponentially increase your reward by getting up to 5 Friends in, you can start your own network, as they will invite friends in themselfs (that's why I ask you to join with my link :) CryptoTab)

2- Pay a Cloub boost, the Cloud Boost is basically extra power and data storage that you can purchase and utilize to mine, this will allow you to mine from 2x to 15X depending on how much you are willing to spend (you can also pay with what you already earned).

3- you can optimize the automatized browser, according to your use.

And if you have important datas or links that you wouldn't want to lose, as well as passwords, you can import them automatically

A legit way to earn without doing anything than serfing the internet.


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Enjoy CryptoTab



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2 years ago