How to overcome from wrong time

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Every human face a time when he struggles with his family or business or any other issue. At that time, he feels alone. Most of his relatives or friend doesn't help him but only a few people can try to help. So you can easily understand your true friend. Some people are frustrated with the wrong stimulation. But frustration is not a solution. You should try to solve your problem with a strong mentality.

Some people do not share their problems with others. Sharing your problem with a close friend is a good technique and your friend can suggest any good information to solve your problem. When you share your sad history with your close friend, your mind feels happy.

When you feel sad, do not alonely sit. Travelling is a good solution to change your mind. Some people eat their favourite food when they face any problem due to change their mind.

Keep a notebook and write you all problems and find the root cause by fishbone chart or 5 whys method. Write probable solutions to solve the problem.

Strong planning can solve any critical problem easily. Some problems cannot solve any time like your partner dead or something similar. You should keep patience and try to forget it. If possible, try an alternate solution like marrying again. This is a hard decision but sometimes hard is makes your life better.

I know many people can argue with me. But life is yours. So you can only think about which is better for you.

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