How to organize a planted aquarium?

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The planted aquarium is very nice for home decoration. It is made beautiful look to drawing-room. It is easy to process to make.
My aquarium size 3feet*3feet*3feet.
If you can also buy a 2feet*3feet*2feet aquarium.

Planted aquarium with shrimp

After buying an aquarium you need to keep the aquarium in the proper place of your home.
At first, you need to select the proper plant for the aquarium. There are the types of water plants.1.Low tech.plant 2.Mid tech. plant 3. High tech. plant

Low tech. a plant needs a minimum of 8 hours of light.Mid and high tech. a plant needs more lighting.

If you select floating plant , you do not need any soil. For another plant, you need proper soil preparation. Red soil collects from the hill is very good for the aquarium.

The water quality of the aquarium should be good enough. Need to maintain proper ph, hardness, iron. Water chlorine should be zero. One way to remove chlorine is boiled water before use and then cool the water.

Filter in aquarium

In planted water, fish can live a long time due to the proper ecosystem. Fish breeding is also good in a planted aquarium. Some fish eat her fry. In planted aquariums, these fries can get enough space for hiding them from matured fish.

Need proper operation system, so clean the water and increase dissolved oxygen level.

For quick increase and good colour of the plant, use carbon dioxide in the aquarium.

Carbon di oxide set up for aquarium

Small colourful fishes look nice in a planted aquarium. When you keep different fishes in the same aquarium, make sure they are friendly. Otherwise, they attack one other.

The planted aquarium gives you a nice feeling at night time. When you are alone, it gives you pleasure. Hope this article will be helpful for you.

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Topics: Aquarium, Fish