How can utilize your money?

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Making money is always hard but proper utilization of money is the hardest thing. Many people in the world, earn enough money but at a certain time, they face a money shortage. But some people always lead their life in an uptrend gradually. It happens due to not utilizing money properly. Example-If any person has 100usd excess money after completing all expenses in a month, he should utilize his money in the following ways.

--- 25 USD in the stock market.

---15 USD in a pension fund or mutual fund

---25 USD keep in the bank

---25 USD in business

---10USD keep for their medical expense


Some people spend more money when they earn more and spend less money when they earn less. This is not a good idea. Because you should spend same qty money in all condition and keep extra money for future work. At all times, you cannot earn the same amount of money.

That means you should spend money to complete your need but don’t spend money excess due to luxurious life.

Proper Money management can change your life. You can lead a good life than others.

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