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The role of micro finance banks in the elevation of poverty in Nigeria. 

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1 year ago


Micro finance banks has really put more effort in making the country better. Especially Nigeria as a whole. 

It’s a debate topic though and I expect to have your opinion in this situation. 

Nowadays it’s easier for the less privileged to afford a loan for financial support with little or no collateral. 

Micro finance banks to my own understanding has been able to go closer to the masses offering financial assistance with little interest rate. 

I believe we have micro finance banks in lots of countries in the world. There are lots of people who can’t afford the stress of going to the commercial banks for savings and withdrawal without any interest rate. In this case it’s better to save your currency with micro finance banks that are easily assessable and grant interest on every savings you make. 

Will love to have your contributions in the comments section. 

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