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First days of Satoshiwall

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Written by ย ย 25
7 months ago

Four days ago I finally released, a fully non-custodial bitcoin paywall. Although I'm currently on an island with painfully slow internet, I want to share a couple of insights I compiled on what feels like a 1997 ISDN connection.

The numbers

As of November 25 02:43 UTC Satoshiwall handled 66 payments totalling 0.06709643 BCH or $13.41 (~200USD/BCH). That's $1.34 in fee revenue for Satoshiwall.

Not impressive, but it's actually better than I expected. This is a very early version and it's running on what is basically a minority fork of Bitcoin. Such a business can only be profitable on scale, but with Bitcoin Cash there is huge scaling potential.

Most traction will probably come with third party integrations (think of WordPress plug-ins etc) and maybe even support for SLP tokens (lots of stuff happening in the space). Imagine users paying for content without knowing they're dealing with Satoshiwall or even BCH at all. This is what ultimately needs to happen.

The traffic

Similar things can be said about the overall traffic. Roughly 100 users per day. The Novermber 22 spike came with some coverage in various news sites like

The content

So far it's mostly shitposts and I feel like I built an elaborate trollbox. But that's nothing I'm concerned about. The point of Satoshiwall is not to find content (although Cain made some interesting suggestions that could be considered), but to get access to the content of content creators they already trust. I advise everyone not to spend significant amounts on paywalls unless they know who is behind them.

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Written by ย ย 25
7 months ago
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I tested the Satoshiwall a bit and found that "Copy address to clipboard" does not work on my Android. Nothing is copied. If I select "pay with wallet" and then select wallet it won't work either. With badger app it works. Besides, people tell me badger payment doesn't work (Brave browser).

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7 months ago

create a wordpress plugin please ...add same feature๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘‰๐Ÿ‘‰

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6 months ago

Awesome! Keep it up! Let's grow Bitcoin Cash! One more interesting thing that you could write about would be interesting products/paywalls that people offer on your site (like weekly or monthly).

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7 months ago

I created a testlink and tried the paywall. It works very well. It is very easy to create a paywall link. I will use it from time to time. We will see if users will be willing to pay some satoshis for a content behind the Satoshiwall.

I hope that the Satoshiwall will be used frequently. It would be very interesting to see the statistics from time to time.

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7 months ago