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#BCHAwareness in a Call Center: Promoting Bitcoin Cash in my Workplace (Plan)

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1 year ago

I quitted my tutoring gigs and had been hired in a Call Center one week ago. I am in training for a week now. I have already met a lot of people which I consider as my friends. We already bonded and I think its about time that I introduced and Bitcoin cash in general. I will create a plan first before I start my #ProjectBCHinCallCenters.

I thought of creating a research so that I would know what I should do. I need to know how to start and what processes to perform. There are a lot of steps to think of and I would start with the very first one right now.

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Step 1: Opportunity Identification

Spreading of Bitcoin cash in a Call Center.

You might know how hectic the life of a call center agent is. From the stress and late nights, financial problems also come to place. With all these problems to think of, we really need something to somehow eases our situation.

The first thing I have thought of is to introduced our beloved Bitcoin Cash. We all know how great the potential of BCH is. Just by HODLing it, we can already earn profit. We do not even have to do anything. I decided to start by telling them to download It is an online wallet just like but it offers our own national currency which is the Philippine peso. By this, they can easily convert BCH to Php whenever the price of it increases. Well of course, this means that I will show them the concept of buying low and selling high.

Screenshot of my PHP account

The call center I work at has a hundred of employees and I know in my myself that I won't be able to cater all of them at once. So I will start with the people who are around me most of the time, my co-trainees or as we call it, my wavemates. We are 12 in total. I believe I can convince them all to patronize BCH.

I would introduce and to them so that they will get the idea of how the basic transaction of BCH works. Also, they will know that there are platforms out there where they can earn free BCH by just posting statuses and creating articles. I mean, people in a call center know how to speak and write the English language. That is the basic requirement. So most likely, I won't be hearing reason like "I do not know how to speak or write in English". This will make the BCH awareness a bit easier.

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After all of the introduction of BCH, the platforms and wallet that I have mentioned, I will start to onboard them with the basic trading. When I say basic trading, its just buying and selling of BCH. I cannot just asked to HODL all of their BCH if I know in myself that there are a lot more things they can do to increase the amount BCH they will have. I will also tell them to buy BCH since our first payday is coming.

The wallet that I let them download also offers an exchanger. I think I will use that as my starting tool to explain more about BCH. The exchange is not within the app but it is a site. This exchanger is so user friendly that everyone will know how to use it by just its first look. I believe that they are amart enough to be taught. One of them already has a account so I am just down to 11. These 11 people will pretty much question me about BCH and how it will benefit them. Do not worry. I already have an answer for that which I will mention in the next steps.

This sounds like a hard thing to do but as long as you have the will and means to do it, nothing can stand in your way. I actually published an article about my plans on spreading BCH awareness and I thought its time to really put that into action. I might not as experienced as the others out there but I will really commit to achieve this and hopefully be able to successfully promote Bitcoin cash in my workplace.

I am open for suggestions on how to make this plan better. I will really appreciate if you will be a part of this. Share your knowledge with my commenting it. Tell me which part I should revise and I will put all of that into consideration.

Help me so that I can help my workplace to become part of the BITCOIN CASH COMMUNITY.

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Written by   61
1 year ago
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