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What good is a barbecue and wine on this Memorial Day? patriotism

Memorial Day Patriotism # For many, Memorial Day weekend means family, Barbie queuing, and a long three-day weekend. But often, little thought is given to the true meaning of this day. Celebrate the members of this service who are fighting or have fought for our freedom.

This year, however, a San Antonio-based company is joining forces with Operation Homefront, a non-profit organization, to try to make a difference for military personnel who are spouses and families of overseas soldiers. Provides financial and emotional support.

Tips for arranging a romantic dinner

Between work and family responsibilities, many couples struggle to find time together. But it is important to find time to enjoy the company of your partner, so why not enjoy it? Planning a romantic dinner can be a lot easier than you think.

Here are some tips for couples planning a special dinner with their partner:

1. Arrange "alone" time. If you have children, see if they can spend the night at a friend's or relative's house. If not, get someone to sit outside to entertain your children.

If. If you are surprised at dinner, make sure your partner is not busy with other plans. If you want to tell your partner about your plans, drop the invitation on his pillow.

3. Set the scene. Make sure your home looks romantic when your partner arrives. Candles and roses Tell your partner that you have something special to offer. Set the table with china, beautiful stemware, and your favorite linen.

4. Choose a delicious wine. Talking about an amazing wine is one of the easiest pleasures of life, so get some light and freshness. 2007 Klaus du Bois Russia ( is a delicate, floral wine with hints of wild strawberries and ripe watermelon. Its bright acidity and pink color make it an amazing choice for romantic nights. Ideally, dried roses work well with most food pairs, whether you're planning an all-chocolate menu, an ethnic meal, or your partner's favorite dish.

When. When it comes to food, play it safe. If you've never had your jenchi before, now is not the time to try making pasta. Choose a recipe you know well, or order it out of a favorite restaurant. If you order food, transfer it to an attractive dish before serving. Don't be hungry To help put together a great cheese plate, visit a local cheese shop to pair it with your wine.

6. Ready. Cousins ​​with spicy vegetables look less beautiful if you are wearing a ratty T-shirt and jeans. You don't have to hurt yourself, but you have to make an effort in your appearance.

A festive bottle of wine, a beautiful table, and a few hours alone can make any simple dinner romantic.

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