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Hi, good morning, have a great day ahead. How are you doing my dear read mates? I hope everything will be working in your favor, as for me nothing looks good these days.

SaraEllen is experiencing sadness and hopelessness these days. I have had pain in my teeth since last night. I think it is rising again. It is an old friend of mine. Four years ago I experienced some pain in one of my jawlines. I remember I couldn't sleep for the whole night and the next day I visited a doctor(dentist) he filled my teeth with something and the reason was an unseen able cavity. And he skilled my teeth too. And suggested me some tablets. I hope this wouldn't be the same as four years ago because that pain was unbearable to me. I am waiting for 11 o clock and will visit that dentist again.

Well these are the talking about life, and will never end. Let's go to my today's blog.

Look at the picture above. It's called greatest concern. The whole village is populated by a 9 km road to protect agricultural land. It is a village in Solozawa, Poland.

Why don't we think and do it ourselves?

Wherever our heart wishes, we jump building houses as a consequence of which agricultural lands are being demolished. Cutting down trees for construction is causing climate change.

Please think.

Monsoon season in Pakistan

"The first phase of the monsoon is likely to continue from July 1 to mid-August, while the last phase of the season will continue until the end-September. The country is likely to receive 140.8mm of rain during the July-September period."


Don't build houses on fertile land

Importance of water in its absence

But before starting the monsoon season we are having rain in our area for three continuous days after 7 months without rain. It has been said that

" You realize the importance of a thing when you don't have it."

Same in Pakistan when there was no rain in recent 7 months we were striving for life, not 'we' actually but in some areas of Pakistan the animals of people lead to death just because of the absence of water resources. (The people of Thar Desert only rely on rainwater, and because of no rain their animals lead to death).

Then after this tragic incident, we sincerely realized the importance of water in our life. Preserving water is very important for a safe life.

Well for three days we felt shivering in June(the hottest month in Pakistan). It is unusual. All this is the result of global warming. Unexpected weather is dangerous and is the destruction of different things. In March(which is a cold month in Asia) in 2022 Pakistan experienced hot weather. And this also happened just because of global warming. And this unexpected and unconditional hot weather resulted in a decrease in the outcome of wheat 🌾 in Pakistan. Tackling this kind of unexpected weather is so more challenging for us. And we humans have a responsibility to make this world carbon-free to protect our ozone layer, If not, then get ready for big destruction.

Let's get back to our topic of saving water.

The question here is, how we can save water?

You hear the topic of reduction of groundwater reserves, but have you ever been exasperated to find out the reason?

Why do our water motors stop working and then we have to drill deeper to get water? In a firm where a hand pump or spout with a bore of forty feet cast-off to work greatest, why is there no water even at two and a half hundred feet now?

The humble answer is that we are not recurring as much water as we are using from the ground, that is, our underground water reserves are not being invigorated.

How are groundwater reserves recharged?

From the rain and the water we use (if we return that water to the earth) ... These reserves have been renewing for thousands of years, why aren't they happening now? Because we have congested the natural way (rain-fed) of rain and other used water to the ground (cement) with cement, coal, and concrete, the water that used to uphold the groundwater level is now going back into the ground. There is no way out and we pour it down the gutter.

If we all leave some of our homes for the garden, not only will the garden's raw soil use rainwater to preserve our groundwater level, but our garden will also give us fresh fruits and root vegetables every day. Will so come out of the shell of this so-called progress and encirclement actual development.

How to improve or augment groundwater?

Dig up twenty to thirty feet of soil on the lawn of the house or any place you deem suitable, throw ten feet of stones in it, then fill up the rest with gravel and sand.

Now finally put a two-foot layer of soil and put grass on it. Consent the roof drain water directly inside the lawn. Then see if your boredom has dried up all your life. If the whole city does the same, then all the rainwater will go underground instead of making catchers in the streets, which will improve the water level.

10 Things to do during rain.

Here are ten things you must try during rainy season. These things will be discussed one by one.

1. Please avoid first rain of summer.

Pixaby image


"When the monsoon season starts, avoid taking bath in the first rain. Since the water of the first rain contains pollutants that might harms your hair, skin and basically it might harm your health. Make sure you skip the first rain of the season, as it will bring some impurities along with it."


Circumvent the initial rains of summer, as the possessions of air pollution are countless. Once it rains amenably, then you can take a bath in the rain. Nothing is going far from you, moon soon season does not comes from one or two days, it lasts longer almost for 15 to 20 days in south Asia. So be patient and be away from fair of missing opportunity. Because no one is snatching the chance of taking bath in rain from you. You have a lot of time to do this.

"Eat this sweet dish slowly, Protect your mouth from burning"

Waves can be renowned and reversals can be completed.

2. Avoid your plants from over watering


"Roots growing in waterlogged soil may die because they cannot absorb the oxygen needed to function normally. The longer the air is cut off, the greater the root damage. The dying roots decay and cannot supply the plants with nutrients and water. Damage caused by over watering is frequently misdiagnosed as pest damage."


Keep the drainage of vessels and beds clear, so that additional rainwater comes out. Because the plants weaken with less water, then too much water is also detrimental.

Plants need a moderate amount of water to flourish. And it depends on their nature and kind. Some plants need plenty of water but other may die just because of excessive water. You need to take care of your garden but not letting the water stay in your garden more than 24 hours. Take measures to decrease water level under your plants.

3. Save the excessive water and keep yourself away from pumping the null or expenses for electric motor.

"Rain barrels capture water from a roof and hold it for later use such as on lawns, gardens or indoor plants. Collecting roof runoff in rain barrels reduces the amount of water that flows from your property. It's a great way to conserve water and it's free water for use in your landscape."



If the water still deteriorates, eradicate the extra water and you can amass it in a large pot. You will not have to run the pump for four days, you will save electric power.

Plants needs water on daily basis or after two to three days regularly. What we do is we use hand pump in rural areas where the land for cultivation is not much larger. And we use an electric motor to pump out water to give to the plants if the area is large.

Hence we can save time as well as money by saving rain water into a big rain barrel or in a drum or in a little pole of bricks and cement. And we can use this extra water time to time, to give to our plants.

4. Be cautious while cultivating the garden.

"Working the soil when it is too wet can have a negative impact on its structure and leave you with rock-hard clumps of soil and a crust if there is high clay content in the soil. The amount of time one needs to wait after a rain event is very dependent on the type of soil you have in your garden."



Furthermore Bugs, serpents, scorpions, reptiles, etc. derive out of the ground in the rain, be very cautious while cultivation.

Have a stick with you to tackle these bugs, no requirement for guns😁. Some of these insects may have a strong venom that is enough to make rashes and get your skin swelled.

5. Don't allow children to go to the orchard during a period of heavy rains.

{source of image above}

"Especially children under two years of age should not play in the rain for longer than an hour, it puts them at risk for hypothermia.” Young children can lose too much body heat if they stay in the water too long. Parents should instead be concerned if their child is playing in standing water."


After rain, temperature gets low. And children likes to play for a long time in water. While playing, they may experience hypothermia. So don't let them go in rain to play.

6. Weeding (It is time to remove unwanted plants from your garden.)


As the soil unstiffens with rain, wildflowers and the unwanted plant can be easily removed. Before rain when the soil is rigid it needs special equipments to remove plants, after rain when soil gets soft it is very easy to kick them out.

No necessity to tense too much, energy will be safe. Do this nicely and calmly.

7. Save rain water, your plants will thank you. Use this water to feed plants, not for taking bath.


"Most people are comfortable with washing clothes or flushing toilets using rainwater. But experts say that rainwater is completely safe for bathing and showering. Also, bathing in rainwater has some great health advantages. Rainwater is soft by nature, this means there are less minerals dissolved in it than hard water."


If the rainwater can be kept, it can be very valuable for future plants. Rain water contains important minerals for plants and it has nitrogen that strengthen the growth of plants and flowers.

It is better to store rain water for use of future plants. We don't just have to take a bath with this wate.

8.. Tie a swing on a tee in rain and enjoy the monsoon.


You can put a robust swing in the gardens, but keep in mind that the twigs become lenient due to rain. Enjoying on swing is really a heart capturing thing for children and even for elders.

I personally like it so much. And it is more amazing in rainy season. Rain drops touching your face smoothly makes you feel special.

9. Cook less and don't drink too much.


"Even if you don't have any medical conditions, you can over-hydrate yourself by drinking too much. The high amount of water causes a condition called Hyponatremia, in which the sodium level in your body drops which can lead to convulsions and even death."


Although Monson season comes in summer season and almost every person needs plenty of water in summer but Monson is a time when drinking too much water can cause a hyper hydration. And you all now that.

"Excess of everything is bad"

Do not interfere with pots and plants too much in the rainy season, we will do this together. Then we will return after posting, what should I do in ten days?

10.. Uncover your face to plants

The plants were cossetting because of the heat, hot weather wasn't allowing people to visit their garden and will show face to the kid plants.

Thank God now your faces will be uncovered along with the plants. God eager. Only exposed faces and open flowers are attractive.

If you cook spinach fritters, white eggplant stuffing, or beans in contentment, remember your loved ones and your neighbors too. Maybe they will also invite you to Kakkar(chicken) Biryani.


Live happily live with an open heart.

Closing thoughts.

I took this idea of writing on this important topic from Facebook, where I saw a video of an Indian person. He was showing a complete system to store water under the earth to refill water reserves underground. The water of the whole building is gathered at a single point where it gets cleaned from the unwanted stuff that can cause a blockage of pipes or drains or water lines. I thought this idea should be applied to every building and every home to save our planet.

If this water will not get absorbed in-ground, it will be evaporated into the air and it will be a great loss for us. A day will come when we will don't have any reserves under water and will face difficulties in living on this planet. It is our responsibility, we are the only creature on this earth to whom Allah made superior. We, humans, are responsible for other living entities on this earth. And if we will do badly with nature and all over it, we will show dishonesty to those creatures as well as to ourselves.

Thanks for reading.

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