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Success is different at different levels of life (Age matters a lot)

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Today is 14th of May year is 2022 , it is Saturday night. I have a serious emotional topic to discuss today. I hope you will read it carefully with your keen interest. So, let's start. Did you ever thought about life? What it(life) is? Does it really worth to live? Does success really matters to your lifestyle? What success is in reality?Does success is a single thing in whole of your life? Or it changes from time to time/ is it different in different age perspectives? If you want to know the answer to all the questions above, don't skip any paragraph of this article. Moreover you can share your ideas about life, and it's nature in comments section. We will start it from the beginning.

WHAT IS SUCCESS? Success may have different meanings in different perspectives, but we will difine it in many ways. Success of a person isn't about a single big goal of his life, the nature of success changes from time to time. It changes regarding the situations, it changes regarding your age. For example if your success in early age is getting your desires fulfilled by your parents, they will buy you happiness. But, in old age, your success will be to please your own children. Success has different stages, we will discus each of the stage and this concept below, in details.

At The Age of One Years.

Success at the age of one year is you can walk without external support. A children in the start, walks with support of their parents and siblings, the most beautiful moment i like personally is when a children starts walking with stumbles, he tries to maintain his balance according to the center of the gravity without knowing the rules of physics. A normal and healthy child usually starts walking without any external support at the age of one year, if he isn't able to do this. He would have some difficulty in his physique or any kind of disability. So, success at the age of one year is you are able to walk without any external support.

At The Age Of Four Years.

A child in the age of four year would be considered as successful if he does not make his wet because of peeing in his pant. Actually it all depends on the nature of the child if he/ she feels uncomfortable after making his pants wet in case of urinating it, or he doesn't care about it at all. The children who realize and learn in early age not to urinate their pants are successful children in this age.

At The Age Of 8 Years :

The next ladder to success regarding age is Eight Years. Here the experts says that, if you are in an age of 8 year and you don't know the way back to home, you are left behind in term of success. It is important for a healthy mind child to prove his normal IQ level that he can remember the way back to his home. If we talk about Pakistani communities here the people mostly live in rural life and less are living in urban life, the rural life children are less clever as compared to the urban ones. The reason behind this concept is interaction to the society and living in a place where there they go outside the home and buy things on shops. The urban children in a messy society are clever and have full grown up their minds regarding society. And they purchase goods to eat far from their house and they return to their home on their own. So if we encounter the definition of success at the age of eight years off curse they complete the rules of success because they know the way to their home after buying things.

At the Age Of Twelve years.

As we already know that humans are of different natures, some of us are introvert( don't like gatherings, like to spend time alone, away from people) and some are extrovert( they like gathering, talking to people, love being live in form of society, and very talkative). An aspect of life is " human is a social animal ". Humans can't live without each other, they need each other. And for this reasons, humans needs family, friends abd relatives. Family and relatives mostly are God gifted but the remaining thing is friends which are to be choosen by your own. It is observed that extrovert people are good in making friends as compared to the introverts. So at the age of 12 the child will be considered as successful if he is able to find and make loyal friends. One thing i forgot to mention about friends is you can be a friend of person who's nature and intellectual features resembles to yours.

At the Age of 18 years.

One of our university teachers quoted a line that i remember now after five years is.

" You must learn three things in your life one is you should be able to drive, second, you must know how to swim, you should be expert in typing on computer keyboard ".

I remember his words till now. In the quotation above two things are most important than third, for your survival in life, one is swimming, second is driving. So, at the age of 18 your success is having your driving license first. It does not matter how long it will take you to buy your car but you must have a driving license.

At the Age of 23

We all are aware of the importance of education. No doubt how difficult it is to survive in modern era without education. In modern society the person is considered as educated if he is at least Graduated from the university unlikely to the past when the person was marked as literate if he know reading and writing. But main thing here is that, completing your studies in time is necessary to get well settled. The reason that age factor is most important here is in Pakistan whenever government jobs are get announced the age is mentioned as ' if you are above 25 year of age, you can not apply for this job '. Here the importance of age is necessary to count, if you have completed your graduation at the age of 23 years, you only have 2 years to get a job after a lot of struggle. Education is not a mean of earning but it is a positive change in your behavior but no one hires an illiterate person to do work in their institute. I hope you get the meaning what want to express. Your success is completion of your studies at the age of 23.

At the age of 25 Years.

The next step in this ladder of success is in the age of 25 after completing your studies at 23 years older, is earning a good living. Unemployment is at it's peak these days. A youngster needs to struggle so much to get a place to earn in this society. I asked a question to me teacher when i was in intermediate class that.

" Sir! What subject should i choose for my graduation? that have good scope in this society "

Then my teacher answered to my question as.

" listen dear kid, scope don't refers to a subject what will you choose, but it refers to the abilities of a person, no matter what subject you have chosen, but important is how much grip you have on the subject you have chosen. "

So a Young man needs a high quality struggle to achieve his favorite profession and earning. If you are unable to earn money to feed yourself even after the age of 25, sorry to say you are unsuccessful in life according to this theory of success.

At the Age of 30 Years.

Here comes the marriage, when a single person turns himself into a family by marrying with a girl's. It is not a direct step, we are discussing success in a series of steps, after achieving the steps like Completion of studies, Earning money. The next step is marrying a dream girl or a dream boy. Keep in mind tha it is hard to achieve the 8th step without completing the 6th and 6th step sincerely. Marrying a dream person is just a dream until you make you able to marry him/her. For men (Don't marry until you are financially unstable). Married life has a lot of hard times if you are unable to take care of the expenses of your partner. I have already discussed about this step in my previous article.

At the Age of 35 years.

When, after completing Education, getting a job to earn living and making a marriage, the next thing that cames in to the mind is, saving for your children. Yes, at the middle age a person thinks less about himself but more about his children, so he tries to save money, the suitable word is, he tries to make money as much as he can. Making money for thr children sounds really good, it is actually a reality, when a man becomes a father all of his concern moves to his adolescents from everything of this world. So success is you must earn and make as much money as you can for secure future of yourself, and for your family.

At the Age of 45

Just like all other creatures, human has also a feature of downfall regarding his age. When a person crosses the figure 40 of his age, he begins to look older. As a man gets older his skin starts leaving his bones (means the skin get looses from its tightness). His face gets wrinkles. His hair starts to get white. All of a sudden he knows he is getting old very quickly. He tries to maintain his look as a young man. He tries to take care of his diet, takes daily necessary exercises, color his hair to turn white into black. The conclusion is he tries every single attempt to maintain his young look. If he succeeded in it, he will be considered as a successful man at the age of 42.

At The Age Of 50.

At the same time when you are getting old, your children are growing up. You are when turning into the figure of 50, your children takes admission into university or college. Another cluster of responsibilities arises, the main responsibility among all is providing good education to your children that demands a good amount of money. It is the responsibility of every parent to fulfill educational and extracurricular need of his children. If you are successful in providing them with good education, taking them to graduation level you are a successful man at the age of 50.

At The Age of 55

I don't know about the other countries, but our country pakistan has a rule that when a man turns into the age of 60, he should get retirement from his job duty. It means he is getting old and after that age he will not be able to perform his duties well. But before 60 years, at the age of even 55, it is hard for a man to perform his duties very well. It's not as easy as it was in his young or middle age, he need to struggle to perform a task. So if at the age of even 55 he is performing his duties very well he is a successful man, no doubt he is.

At the Age of 60

It needs concentration and an active mind to drive a vehicle, when a man or a woman gets older his characteristics like vision and decision power decreases gradually. So some people get a side from driving because its a kind of danger to drive a car in old age.

For example. Driving demands quick decisions when you realize that something unusual is crossing your way, it may be an animal or another vehicle, and you have to decide that should you press the break liver with your foot, or you should not stop it. Here the ability of your mind is gonna be checked. And here it comes that if you are able to drive and able to maintain your driving license till the age of 60 years, you are a successful man regarding this age.

At The Age of 65

It's hard to live a life without any disease when you cross 50 years of age. Your metabolism gets slow. Working of stomach decreases, food digestive system gets interrupted. Fats gets increased. The diseases like blood pressure and sugar are usual after the age of 65 in pakistan. Of course when your body gets weak then your immune system's working is interrupted. And the defense system against disease is decreased. This is the age when regular medicines start. To maintain a good health after the age of 65 id a real success.

At The Age of 70

Time comes when you are already an old person and if you are not healthy anymore. You are surviving on the basis of medicines. And some ungenerous family members feel their elders as a burden on them. Here the success of that old person is he isn't a burden on anyone at the age of 70. How it could be possible? Not to be a burden on your belongings. It is possible through many ways but from. My point of view, it is possible when you are a rich man even at this age. And have a handsome bank balance and the good health. To achive this 70 years old success you need to work hard at early age so that you may live a burden less life at your old age.

At The Age of 75.

According to the research the average age of a Pakistani person is 55 to 60. Death is must, no one can live for ever, and death doesn't see your age to come. But as a theory of average age mostly people live till the age of 60 and if a person crosses this hurdle of 60, the next life he is living after 60 years is a bonus age for him. And fortunately at the age of 75 it is rare to have your old friends that are alive together you and if it happens ( you are living or meeting your old friends at this) your definition of success is complete on you at 75, you are successful.

At the Age of 81.

It is proved in science that your brain is in grooming stage from. Childhood to middle age, and after that the downfall of your mind starts. The most rapid growth of your mind is your childhood and young age, after that the rate of growth and grooming process gets slower. And it decreases gradually after age of 40 years, and when you cross 75 and reach to 81, working of your memory is disrupted and forgetting things becomes usual. For example you placed the keys at some place in your own house and after a few hours you are in search of those keys and you forgot that where you have placed them. Short time memory loss is a kind of sickness when you forget everything time after time. And at old age, success is you know way back to home.

At The Age of 86.

A person, i think he is lucky if he lives a life till the age of 86 in this polluted era where everywhere CO2 is transmitted from the vehicles. Where the food is full of different chemicals especially the fast food eaters. The success at this old age is not to unirate your pants again. At old age when you cross 86 you are turning into a child again, your mental condition and behavior including some of the physical features resembles with a child. The muscles of your bladder get weakness and you don't know you are making your pant wet by peeing into it knowingly. No dout you need a caretaker in this age, and in your childhood, your caretakers were your parents and now at this old age your caretakers are your children. Success at this age, not to unirate your pants again.

At the Age of 90.

This final picture picture of the article corrects the statement that life is a Cycle. As in the first picture at the age of 4 year when it is stated that a child is successful if he walks without any support. It is a sign of good health to walk without support at 90 years of age. This is rare when a person reaches to 90 and if he do that, the next thing is if he reached there without any paralyzing disease. Moreover except the paralyzing disease, his body gets weak and he may hardly walk without the support as he was in his 3 to 4 years of age. Success at the age of 90 is walking without any support. A person knows the importance of movement and walking, who don't have legs to walk, a person knows the importance or walking who don't have enough power to walk at old age.


(Life is a Cycle).From all the above sub headings and paragraphs, i have realized that, life is a Cycle, once a thing that happens in a person's early age it happens again in his/her old age.

.Lesson i have learned from this writing is. Keep continuing your journey in a step by step process.Don't Jump any single step to be successful in your lofe.Divide your whole aim in to different tasks and sub tasks, achieve each of the task separately, don't get panic and headache to attain a whole aim in one step, in this way you will get tired very soon, and will get disappointed if you get fail in that, and the result will be you will give up your aim and will never work for it again.

Try to be successful in every step, don't skip any of the step by not working properly.

Hard work never gets wasted, you are rewarded in the return of your hardwork

The most important thing on which some people may not believe is Karma. The way you will treat other will face the same situation in your life at some stage because Life Is A Cycle.

Thanks For Reading ❤️

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Written by   54
1 month ago
Topics: Success, Age, Old, Weak, Cycle
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