It is hard to get Rid of Demanding Friends.

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JUNE 17, 2022

Hi, good evening, how are you, dear beautiful people?

Life without friends is tasteless and very much boring. A man is a social animal, he needs people around him to feel good in society. And in those people, he may have several categories of relatives and friends. Today, I will not talk about other entities but only about friends.

"Demanding people are like calendars. Thry can never be filled. Never be sated. Never retain happiness. Their fussiness is akin to any other colander asking for liquid that is hotter, colder, thicker, or darker. None of that matters, nor does the volume, because they are sieves, and they'll drain no matter what. No matter what they claim, you're not the problem ;their holes are. "

(Allen Robert Neal)

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Friends are of two types. One type is real friends and the other type is so-called friends. A trait of demanding is present in both of them. But we bear unusual demands from our true friends happily (sometimes formally). And these demands become deadly when they ignite from so-called insincere friends.

I am an introverted person in nature. I don't like a bunch of people around me. But as much as I dislike this situation I experienced this. People always remain around me and keep showing their demanding nature to me. I actually, feel so much irritated when people demand things from me. Sometimes the demands are about money, expecting favors.

A few days ago on June one when I went to a relative's home a girl met me. She was running q YouTube channel. Someone told her that YouTube can earn her a handsome income. She is an illiterate girl and knows nothing about the use of technology and electronic devices well. She asked me to help her understand the usage of YouTube and uploading videos. And she also wanted to take help with creating good content. It was aren't bad if she asked me for moral support and help regarding knowledge. She demanded I to subscribe her channel and help her in completing the watch time of her channel (because it is necessary to have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time for monetization of the channel).

And I am a person that couldn't refuse someone on his/her face when she/he demands something but try to find ways of saying "NO". Well, I had to say yes on her face and I subscribed to her channel. She further demanded that " please help me in getting more subscribers, ask your friends to subscribe to my channel". I said "Ok I will try". It's not bad to promote her if her content is good enough but the issue is she was uploading third-quality videos with no sense at all. I tried to get rid of her, and I get to succeed in doing it.

And here another an an an an issue regarding the demanding friends. A friend of mine asked that "you have good knowledge about laptops and computers, your degree is also in IT(Information Technology). What the mistake I did that day was, that that that that I put a status on my WhatsApp bout specifications, and price with the pictures of that laptop. After putting that status few people contacted me and started bargaining. But none of them reached to perfect deal.

After that, I received back-to-back messages from different friends demanding different favors. One of them said he needs to buy a laptop, the second one messages me that she needs a puppy pet, and another said he needs a pure white hen. Another said he wants to sell his mobile phone. Till today messages are coming to advertise their product. Someone wants to sell his goats he is texting me to advertise.

I am feeling toxic to receive this kind of demand all the time. Please suggest to me what to do? How to handle this kind of people. Someone said that " you should work as a third party, who helps people in selling and purchasing and keep your percentage in profit.

Closing thoughts

Friendship is a things that needs no promises, no demands, no expectations, it just needs sincerity and trust. Be careful in selecting your friends. Be sincere to your friends after selecting them. And try to get rid of always demanding friends.

Thanks for reading.

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maybe you should learn to say no to them. It might hurt them but that way you will never hurt yourself even more.

Friendship is all about giving them, not taking from them. I hope you'll get over them soon. Keep safe

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1 year ago