Does Crypto Market looks more like gambling than investment?

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The level of risk separate the investment from the gambling. Investing is not gambling. You see that there is potential in something that can be valuable for people in the future and you invest money so it can grow and if it's helpful to people you get a return. It's not an investment to put money on black or red. Show me a way that doesn’t require any risk at all and guaranteed money. If it is then every market îs a casino, dude. And For a beginner, maybe. Not if you know enough about investments to look at macro and world economics first instead of putting money where randoms on the internet are pumping.

Not everything is built the same.

Every investment is a gamble. Study business and finance, engineer. That’s exactly what it is bro. The biggest gamble is using fiat. Yeah, it is gambling if you listen to the oligarchs and politicians, rather than doing your homework. Life itself is a gamble. It's more like clock work if you focus on the big picture. We are living in gambling world.

yes it's gambling when you are too lazy and ignorance human to do simple research. Objected, If you can lose all your money, it's GAMBLING. Even marriage is a gamble lol.

You said this? Yeah the value of cryptocurrencies has been incredibly volatile, but the blockchain technology behind them is certainly the major stronghold. Banks and the feds are the major speculators we are dealing with… They’re probably looking for a means to hijack the blockchain. But as long as the blockchain doesn’t fade away, cryptocurrency will surely be a force to reckon with. Bookmark this for the future. Agreed it’s a slot machine that never pays a return.

Even in a 9-5 you can be fired at any time

But, Yes, investment is a risk but based on your future vision for the world. Tring to predict bitcoin on daily basis is pure gambling. If you invest you invest in the long run for the future that can bring not to make a quick profit in a week.

Even investing in your own business and putting a lot of money can still be bankrupt, its just the same.

Exactly definition of entrepreneurship is a person who is willing to take a risk of his money for the hope of a positive return, Is that gambling? Scared money will not make people rich. Maybe you are scared for no reason also, haha lol, maybe, lol.

Probably true for most altcoins. There are a few altcoins and of course BTC I would call investment.

Do you buy, sell, fundamental analysis, technical analysis, analyze charts when gambling?

You should Learn technical analysis the market respect it because theres only retail traders.

A gamble with very low odds and small wins. If trading, stick to the stock market. Always low cap penny stock runners every day commonly pushing over 100%. For investing I'd only stick with ETFs.

It’s a new technology my dude… not all crypto will make it!!!!

Do your own research (DYOR)

Find products that actually function and have a road map!! but once you know the crypto called TONIC, then you will know the way. 90% of market are like that except for real state and some fixed return options. DYOR. Start learning technical analysis and watch market forecast from time to time.monitor the market. Stake what you can afford to lose in crypto. The whales keep withdrawing their stakes. Yes, it sure is a gamble like every other investment you will do in life. Some with small risk and others with bigger risk. Crypto is up there for sure!!!

Final thoughts

If you invest short term and sell short term yes it’s a gamble. Invest long term, over time on a regular basis.

No Gain without Pain. Yeah, Anything can happen. Just use cryptocurrency to send money abroad or buy things with less charges. You don't get Something without risking Something. In Crypto u earn Millions and be happy, likewise loose millions and be unhappy. Life is a crypto. It's how u take it.

Crypto trading not crypto market is gambling . Traders are more like gamblers but holders are investors. Depends on u how u use ur money as gambling or investments both ways are open. Think about it

It’s fun with little money to play lol you don’t get such volatility as in stock. They definitely lotto tickets that never let me down.

It is gambling if you don't know what you are doing however, it is investing if you know how to.

Do you know it?

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It's a gamble for me my friend; but since I only earn them her in read and noise, I do not do much about it but wait for the price to go up. Crypto word is so new to me and I cannot seem to understand it; I tried forcing myself once but it doesn't help either. Maybe someday, I will, I'll try moving in a very slow pace

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1 year ago

Yeah, no issue, no problem we all are students in Cryptocurency market and everyday is a learning day for us. We are gaining new knowledge everyday. And exactly readcash added into my knowledge about Cryptocurency. The articles here are really informative.

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1 year ago

yup most articles are so informative just like yours.

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1 year ago

I consider selling crypto in the short term at this falling price as a gamble hahaha.

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1 year ago

I am regretting why i withdrawn my 0.08BCH 🥺

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1 year ago

Mee to hehehe it was 0.135 in BCH when it was at $105. Well it is Cryptocurency world don't feel FOMO. you will again have a chance.

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1 year ago

Your kind words gave me hope

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