34 Ways to Honor Parents

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July 25, 2022 Monday

Good evening.

Our parents are second important entity of our presence first one is the almighty God. They are responsible for our existence on Earth 🌎. If they weren't here, we were also don't have any existence here. They are source of our being here. Well, my today blog is all about parents, not only about them but it is about to Honor them when they arr with us. Because they doesn't only a source of our existence here, but they bring us up, they educate us they feed us, they take care of our every need.

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1: Put your phone away in the presence of parents.

Life looks tasteless without a cellphone, especially for a person how is sick of using cellphone, and we don't waste our time on any worthy work but in using the cellphone, our this habit is at its intensity these days, we don't care who is with us, either he is one of our parents or from a relative or a friend. We keep using our cell phone. Moral values demand that cellphone should be placed on a side when your are in a company with anyone. Especially in the presence of your parents you must not use your cellphone but put it on q side and concentrate on talking to your parents.

2: Listen carefully to what they say.

Our parent's parents it means our grand parents were the people who didn't like to repeat their words when they once told anything to their children. Paying attention to the words of elders is considered as a sign of respect. It is necessary for the children to listen carefully every single word coming out from their parent's mouth.

3: Put their opinion first.

Taking opinion on a specific topic or thing is considered as superior thing in shariah and then matching those opinions helps in deciding about a problem in a better way, but the you youngsters should always prior the opinion of their parents above their own opinion, because they have more life experiences than the young generation.

4: Be involved in their conversation:

Does this sounds good that your parents are talking on different casual or formal things in a family gathering and you are not joining their conversations and you are playing attention to your cellphone? No, it doesn't you must join their conversation and life is too short, it is better to spend time with your love ones.

5: Look at them with respect.

It is more important to look at them with love and respect, never see with sharp eyes on your parents, they spent a long life full of difficulties, just to make you feel at ease they faced difficulties in their life. Never look at them with the expressions other than respect and love.

6: Honor them always.

As you can see that, title of this blog is about giving honor to your parents. So always try your best to give respect and honor your parents other than any other person.

7: Share the good news with them.

Don't share bad news with your parents, find someone else to do so if anything unhappy happens, but when it is a good news, you should try to stare this with your parents. This will make them happy but not sad, and you should not miss any chance of making them happy.

8: Avoid giving them bad news.

As i already mentioned above that sharing a news with your parents effects their mode and way of thinking and you should be source of happiness for them, and not a source of making them sad with a bad news, so avoid sharing bad news with your parents.

9: Speak well of their friends, and love them.

Respect all others who are friends 9f your parents, never disrespect them, they are attached with your parents and everything, everyone who is relating to your parents deserves a behavior that you have with your parents. Love the belongings of your parents too, if you love your parents.

10: Remember often the good things they have done.

Remember all good things, try to remember those things that they have done in their life. Good things about your parents will keep digging a way of respect in your heart, respect for your parents keeps on improving everyday when you will remember their good deeds in their life, never allow negative thoughts in your mind to come against your parents.

11: Listen to what they repeat as if hearing it for the first time.

Getting forget things becomes usual at old age, our parents don't remember often the things they shared with us and they share these things again and again, it may include their story of life or a part of story from their life or any other life incident.

Keep listening their talking with keen interest, it shouldn't be looked like you are listening it again but first time. This will add in to their honor.

12: Never bring up the bitter memories of the past with them.

Every person has good and bad memories in his life, we we remember the memories it effects us emotionally, if these are good memories, will make us happy and if it relates to hard times in our life or bad memories with bad events, it will make us sad and unhappy, same thing happens with parents. Your first responsibility is making your parents happy, not sad, so bring up happy memories of the past in before your parents. And keep them away from bitter memories.

13: Avoid any other conversation in their presence.

Keep focusing on the topic they are talking on. Don't make the conversation a mess by sharing irrelevant thoughts with them, don't put unnecessary words before them. Avoid any other conversations in their presence.

14: Sit politely in front of them.

Their are several ways and methods of sitting, these are formal, informal, polite, aggressive, decent. Always chose a method of politeness before them in any way. Sit before them politely, Quran says stand in front of your parents while having your shoulders down and with down head. Be really very formal in front of your parents, it is an honor for them and respect for you as well.

15: Do not even have a slight disagreement about their opinion and thinking.

Always say yes to your parents no matter what they say, being agree to their statement will keep their pride safe. Don't try to correct them in front of other people, but when your are alone with them, tell them the difference between right and wrong. It is then up to them to accept or reject your ideas.

No matter they are more experienced than us, but error is in human nature. I am sure they will accept and correct themselves.

16. When they talk, don't interrupt them.

No one likes to be interrupted during talking, but when it comes to parents, they deserve not to be interrupted at any cost, wait for completion of their addresses, and then ask for allowance from them to talk. And then talk. It is fruitful according to the demand of morals.

17. Respect their age.

Respecting your parents is another most important point to be discussed. It is taught to the youngsters that always respect your elders. And parents are of more importance than anyone else among all other elders.

Respect their age, don't argue with them, never disrespect them.

18: Do not scold your children in their presence and avoid hitting them.

When grand children are hit by their parents in front of grand parents, children always try to make a refuge in grand parents lap. And it is unethical to beat or scold your children in front of your parents, if you will do this, it will have a negative effect on the honor of your parents. Be patient that time and try to make your children understand with love and patience.

19: Accept their command and advice.

I'm mentioning again and again that your parents are more experienced and competent than you, they have seen the hard times in their lives that you haven't. It is better to accept their advice, their command and every word they say, never say a 'NO' to them.

Always make sure their command will be accepted whole heartedly.

20: Take guidance from them in their presence.

The luckiest people in this universe are, whose parents are alive on earth. They have a chance to earn Jannah be serving their parents. Moreover always take guidance from your parents no matter what the issue/problems are. Their guidance will help you to tackle the issue in a better way because they are more experienced than you. And this is the reason while hiring a person for a job, the experienced person is preferred more than an inexperienced.

21: Never raise your voice before them.

Never talk too much in front of your parents first, if you talk to them, chose a polite way of talko. Never raise your voice in front of them, a worst punishment is waiting for this kind of people in hell(jahanum) who disrespect their parents. Talk slowly in front of your parents. This is a sign of respect and honor.

22: Avoid going ahead of them or walking in front of them while walking with them.

My grandfather said that the children of every Halal animal walks behind their parents, but donkey (haram aniaml) donkey's kids run ahead of their parents.

And it is advised to human than never walk or run ahead of your parents, if you want to give them respect, always walk behind your parents. It means follow them, not to make them follow you.

23: Do not start eating before them.

When you are sitting on dastar-khwan(a place that is used to eat food) with your family. Never start eating before your parents and your elders. Always wait for them, when they will eat or will allow you to eat, then start eating your meal. It is a sign of honor for your parents. And your responsibility is to give them honor.

24: Don't show yourself off to them.

When you are ordered from the almighty to follow your parents then what is the need to show off in front of them. Always consider your parents superior to you. And never think yourself superior to your parents. Always make things easy and respectful for your parents. Showing off is nothing but dishonoring your parents. Avoid showing yourself off in front of these sacred personalities.

25: When they don't think they are worthy, tell them that they are precious and respectable to you.

This life where it is beautiful, but it is also cruel to some others, everyone is having a different life on this earth some having easy and luxury life and other are having difficult and inferior.

Parents when sometimes they feel unable themselves to fulfill family's needs, they started feeling themselves as they are unworthy, they couldn't do anything in their life.

This is the time when the need you badly, be supportive to your parents. Ask them they are worthy and respectable to you.

26: Do not put your feet in front of them while sitting in front of them, nor sit with your back towards them.

Sitting before others needs a little more concentration. Sitting in an interview is different, sitting before your friends is in a different way, sitting in your classroom is different, sitting in front of your school teachers is different. And sitting in front of your parents is also different.

The direction of your feet should not be towards your parents, this is a sign of dishonoring them. And never sit in way that your back is in front of your parents. Sit before them with a face towards them.

27: Do not talk to them in an immoral way.

Control your emotions while talking to your parents, chose moral methods with moral values while talking to them. Never ever have your voice louder before them. Be very patient and polite while taking.

28: Try to always include them in your prayers.

Not just a try but, must include your parents in your prayers.

The best thing for parents is their virtuous children. They are a source of continuous benefit regarding the deeds 9f parents. Even after death of parents if children they will do a virtues task the parents will also get a reward from almighty.

And if children will prayer for their parents, God will listen to their prayers and will bless them with, which they want.

29: Never show yourself bored and tired in their presence.

Show yourself happy and delightful in company of your parents. Never show yourself bored and tired in presence of your parents, this will make them unhappy, they may think that their children dislike their company. Always make them feel that you are enjoying your parents company.

30: Never smile at their mistakes and omissions.

Our parents and their children have different age and era differences. Errors and omissions are expected at their old age. Ignore their mistakes, never smile or laugh at your parents mistakes, this may hurt them. Never ever do anything that may hurt your parents.

31: Keep visiting them.

Your first priority should be always try to live with your parents, if it is not possible to live with them permanently, try to keep visiting them regularly. Visiting them regularly keep them energetic and happy. They need your support in the same way at old age, as children need the support of their parents in you ga age.

32: Choose the best words while talking to them.

As we all know that every single word may have different meanings. And every incident, situation, or feeling can be expressed using numerous ways and with using different words.

So always try to choose suitable and best words in talking to your parents while talking to them.

33 Call them loving names they like.

Every person has a real name and several nick names, nick names are given by family, friends and school mates. Some of the names are liked by the owner and some are disliked. Call your parents with the names they like.

34: Put them before everything else and prioritize them.

Some people have bad habits just because of their half and useless mind that they try to prior other people on their family members, this id really a bad behavior.

No one is more sincere to you than your family members, and parents are vital entities in family. You must prioritize your parents over all others.

Parents are the treasure on this planet. Think before this treasure gets buried.

Honor your parents while they are with us. Let's pray a lot for our respected and loving parents today. God bless and reward you


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