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A New Beginning: My Story in

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2 months ago
Topics: BCH, Society, 2021

Today I want to greet everyone on the platform, a few months ago I decided to join because I had met the platform thanks to a user of the platform.

I must be honest, at that time I had no knowledge about the world of cryptocurrencies, it was an unknown and unexplored world for me. Even although I worked through the internet and my payment was with cryptocurrencies, I didn't give myself the time or the opportunity to study them more than they are.

For some time now I have been studying about them and thanks to the information provided by @BCHouseVE and thanks to the constant lecture on the subject I can handle it by myself and present it to others giving them the opportunity to change their lives thanks to cryptocurrencies in a country without many opportunities as Venezuela is.

Throughout my studies I had the opportunity to attend some meet ups with the bitcoin cash advisor of Bchouse Barquisimeto, Roberto Garcia. Where through his own experiences he gives us information and support material for more knowledge of the currency, leading us to know a little more about issues of which not many have knowledge because it is a form of payment recently implemented by some in their businesses, ventures or simply for personal use.

At the beginning I was curious, although I was a little distrustful, as always happens with what is new and what we never know anything about. However, although I had no money to invest in the coin, I decided to invest what I knew how to do best, or at least according to my own opinion. I am an amateur artist, from my earliest childhood memories I remember drawing and creating on paper, walls or whatever I could get my hands on. Over the years I perfected techniques, improved and practiced a lot more, which was increasing my desire to improve and feel happy and happy with myself.

By this time I discovered in one of the meet ups I attended a platform called "Steemit", in which I felt I could achieve something with my art from home, because I felt that despite everything I was doing I was not getting anywhere, no one else besides me was watching, I wanted to take this beyond my eyes so even with my low quality phone I showed it to those who could see it through the platform and they liked it so I continued to improve and making my drawings a real and true art.

I started to think about improving what I was doing and make something else out of my drawings, I didn't have enough money to pay for a course or to ask someone to teach me so I turned to the best tool for self-taught people known, YouTube. There I learned how to vectorize and digitize my drawings, give them color and make something different. Many people made use of tools like graphic tablets and special mice so I used what I had at hand, an old computer in addition with an almost useless mouse, although it was difficult I achieved a pretty good change.

As time went by I improved more and more being intermittent between TRADITIONAL DRAWING, DIGITAL VECTORIZATION, WATERCOLOR PAINTING, BODY ART AND MAKEUP. My favorite hobbies, definitely. It should be instilled within the same that I continued to improve more and more and thus achieving beyond what I thought I could.

My earnings in cryptocurrencies and digital tokens, I already had previous knowledge about digital currencies and exchanges through which I made the changes to get money in Bolivars the national currency of the country where I reside, Venezuela.

I continued attending more meetings with the director of Bitcoincash House Barquisimeto, Roberto Garcia. Who taught us about the relevance of the philosophy of Satoshi Nakamoto and the adoption of the cryptocurrency Bitcoincash on the Venezuelan economic situation because being this the country of the multi currency in which we use various payment methods from dollars, pesos, euros to foreign pages that not many people have access to as the Bofa, Zelle, PayPal, Wells Fargo, among many others known. However, why not have access to an easier and simplified method that everyone can access for free just by having access to a cell phone?

That's why we use the best and easiest option... Bitcoincash. We promote through personal and commercial organic adoptions the use of cryptocurrency for national and international operations regardless of the amount, the commission margin in transactions and its risk is much lower than Bitcoin Core. We help and give an educational follow-up to all those who are interested in entering this world in order to make them known and can take full advantage of it.

We have been doing a constant work from the streets going from business to business and entrepreneurs who wish to support digital money, the money of today. Bitcoin Cash to the point of achieving more than forty businesses that already accept the currency as a form of payment throughout the city. It has been hard work and not very easy, however it has been worth it and we have seen the gratifying rewards of the evolution of our work. Our country is improving and we are glad to be part of the solution!

We will continue to work hard and harder every day.

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Written by   11
2 months ago
Topics: BCH, Society, 2021
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Beautiful work Sara... congratulations for your work you have to upload more content.

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2 months ago