Why You Can't Afford To Be Idle During This Bear Market

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They Come & Go

Bear markets come and go and this is just a reality that all market participants need to accept. All markets experience seasons of severe correction, especially the Crypto market. Instead of trying to avoid the unavoidable, it makes more sense to actually prepare for and maximize bearish trends. This is something that this blog has been detailing for some time now. Ensuring that you have backup plans in place for when things don’t quite go your way is absolutely imperative, in my opinion. Even if you are already exposed to Crypto, don’t make a similar mistake as the market participants of 2017.

I Am Not Even Talking About Capitulating

Some may think I am referring to those who held out for so long, only to capitulate. You definitely don’t want to be doing that either but what I am actually referring to is those who waited it out. Simply waiting it out is not good enough! You need to be earning or accumulating Crypto at these lower levels if you want to experience the true power of the next bull run. Let’s look at the last bull cycle together with this most recent bull cycle, in terms of BTC. Obviously, many alts outperformed Bitcoin in 2021.

The Busy Bee

Those who bought the top in 2017 and managed to wait it out would have secured a 3X return on their initial investment if they sold near the top. On the other hand, those who were busy during the bear market of 2018 and 2019 were able to secure as much as 18X on some of their Bitcoin acquisitions. Obviously, the earlier accumulated BTC will yield a better return than the coins accumulated in 2019. However, when you add all of these acquisitions together the final return is a lot higher than the 3X of the investor who simply chose to wait it out.

Simply Hodling Is Not Enough

If you really want to see stellar returns in 2025 and beyond then you need to move beyond the hodl mentality. You need to incorporate consistent accumulation into your hodling strategy. This is exactly why I have been pushing the concept and idea of developing passive income mechanisms for years now. Imagine being able to buy alts now without spending a cent, or better yet at even lower levels. There is still a pretty good chance that Bitcoin moves down to my worst-case bottom scenario at $12K to $13K. This is how you can take advantage of and maximize the next bull market.

When You Understand The Potential

Many are probably thinking that the next bull market is way too far into the future to even begin thinking about at this point. I disagree, I am scrambling, as If it is tomorrow. I understand the power behind heavy accumulation during a bear market. I have not kicked into full mode yet but I am utilizing one or two passive mechanisms at this stage. Don’t become discouraged, every disaster has some form of opportunity. It is important now more than ever to stay the course!


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