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The Recent Success of Torum & XTM

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7 months ago

Explosive Upside

Torum recently listed XTM on Uniswap, which was a very welcomed move by the community. After being able to earn XTM on the platform for more than a year, users were now able to allocate value to their efforts. The token finally had value and could be traded via Uniswap, as well as Hotbit. What many did not realize, is how that value would exponentially increase. After an initial spike on Uniswap, the token began to trade in the zone of approximately $0.08.

The token then proceeded to move towards the $0.40 mark and with the news of a listing on Kucoin, began to move violently towards the dollar mark. At this point, XTM was up well over 1000% since listing. Yesterday saw trading commence on Kucoin and after an initial dump to the $1 mark, XTM rallied all the way over $2 to a daily high of $2.23!

At the time of writing, XTM is trading at $1.19.

The Perfect Recipe

It seems like Torum has created the perfect recipe for success. Torum is not merely a social media-based platform. The platform also incorporates DeFi, NFTs, as well as the metaverse. Having launched in early 2020, the team has been adding and improving upon the experience that is, Torum. If you have been earning daily mission rewards since 2020, you are now the proud owner of thousands of XTM. My subscribers were informed of Torum more than a year ago and many of them have gone on to experience significant success on Torum.

There are 5 separate daily missions. One of those is to like 5 posts, which was worth 3 XTM per day last year. This has now dropped but had you been taking advantage of these rewards, you would now be holding a decent bag of XTM. With a recent high of $2.23, that is a massive reward, relative to effort. The daily rewards have been reduced due to the skyrocketing price of XTM. They are still very rewarding in dollar terms though and have been a strong catalyst in onboarding new users.

Users however need to execute these missions in a responsible and applicable way. Spamming and posting junk in order to earn XTM can result in serious consequences. Missions are categorized into "daily missions", "weekly missions" and "one-time missions". Provide a valuable contribution to Torum and the community and simultaneously earn some XTM, which is primed to surge much higher in the longer term.

Being exposed to some of the hottest elements currently trending in the Crypto space, along with strategic investments from both Huobi and Kucoin is massively bullish in my view.

New users can still join Torum and begin earning XTM. Use the following link and receive your first 7.5 XTM! Users need to verify their accounts and complete the power bar before the reward is accrued. This has been the most rewarding experience for me in Crypto, which did not require any capital allocation. Many others have also recently shared a similar view.

Here's to the continued growth and development of Torum and XTM! 


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Written by   185
7 months ago
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As someone who holds 655 XTM in his wallet on the Torum platform, I am very pleased with the developments. However, I am saddened that BEP-20 withdrawals are still not open.

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7 months ago

I think limiting it at this stage is to protect the token from too much sell pressure. It will come...

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7 months ago