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The Real Money In Crypto Is Made During Bear Markets

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9 months ago

Why 90% Of The Market Will Always Lose

Making money in any financial market requires a certain something that not everyone possesses. It is difficult to actually put into words because it is not merely one single attribute but rather a completely unique way of viewing things. Successful investors act in a way that many think is counterintuitive. However, It is actually rather imperative to their success. The "smart Alec" reading this thinks that I am either delusional or trying to be funny.

The truth is that until you are able to understand and execute the following truth, you will never enjoy meaningful success.

Money is made in bear markets and realized in bull markets

In other words, what you did during the bear market of 2018 is directly proportional to the success you are enjoying today. If you were not active during the bear market, what are you hoping to expect? Jumping on BTC at $30K and above is not going to provide any meaningful returns. However, the investor who was busy in the heart of the bear market and bought at $3K has enjoyed more than a 2000% return.

The investor who bought above $30K perhaps was lucky enough to make 100% if he locked in gains at the peak. I don't know, 2000% vs 100%? Are they even comparable? The 100% investor arrived on the scene when the market was bullish and the previous ATH had been broken. The successful investor enjoying meaningful gains was on the scene when blood was flowing knee-deep and everyone was predicting the death of Bitcoin, including Peter Brandt.

No matter what you believe, this is how the money is made and if you can't take part at this level, you should prepare yourself to settle for traditional market returns. That being said, there are the lucky guns who jump on the "right meme coin" or some other altcoin in time for an explosive move. However, most lose those gains as they are not in touch with the market and don't understand how quickly those gains can be erased. This is a game for the committed and long-suffering. Fly-by nights are quickly destroyed in this market.

Opportunity Within Loss

When markets bleed and your portfolio begins to look a bit skinny, remember that there is now also an opportunity to build what will later become very significant in terms of bolstering your portfolio. So even in a bear market, the wise remain bullish by building. Prepare your mind, set up your strategies and mechanisms, and go go go!


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Written by   209
9 months ago
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