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A Motivational Hub

The first thing you will notice after spending a fair amount of time on Hive is the passion and motivation that drives much of the community. Those creating content and interacting with others are generally quite goal-orientated individuals, which shouldn’t really surprise you. Hive is a place people come to initiate and realize goals, a place where commitment and dedication are required in order to thrive.

You will also note how many bloggers publish their weekly progress in regard to their Hive goals. Despite everyone having their own unique set of goals, there does however appear to be a single common thread that unifies them. Hivers are looking to build an income-generating Crypto investment that will either match their current wage or even replace it. Everyone is looking to see their Hive endeavors eventually result in a level of financial freedom.

For some, this has already occurred, and for others, it is likely years away. Regardless of the varying journeys, dedication, and motivation come through as a unified effort, that for many are birthed from a place of passion. This is an aspect that many seem to underestimate. When the tough gets going… and time is limited, or other challenges arise, passion keeps you at the wheel.

A passion for what you do, how you do it… and your determination to reach your goals. That being said, everyone is on a different path in relation to the specifics of their goals. However, everyone has a common goal of reaching some level of financial security, or independence. Goals do however take time in order to be realized, but even that carries a sense of accomplishment. A goal that is easily reached is not nearly as gratifying as one that takes years to reach.

Grounded In Discipline

If I had to associate a single “quality” or “behavior” with the success stories that I have personally seen on Hive, I would have to say it is “discipline”. Remaining consistent and engaged is paramount to getting ahead on Hive. The funny thing about this dynamic is that in order to be consistent, you need to have a track record, which by default requires time. Some are unable to develop a track record because they seek it prior to putting in the time.

It doesn’t work like that, and those who don’t get that are unable to make any traction on Hive, or anywhere else, for that matter. “Time” comes prior to recognition, and not the other way around. You will find that these “processes” of success are found everywhere to some degree or another. It is not an aspect that pertains only to Hive. An entrepreneurial individual will “get this” straight away.

The most significant difference between an entrepreneur and an employee is the following: An employee gets paid for simply showing up, while an entrepreneur gets paid for what he accomplishes when he shows up. An employee generally has a mindset of entitlement… while an entrepreneur understands that the value he brings provides the reward. An employee mindset seeks a reward for time outside of effort, as opposed to productivity and efficiency.

You cannot deter a truly entrepreneurial spirit… and you cannot ignite dedication in a self-entitled individual. This is what makes Hive such a compelling community because it is made up largely of the former and not the latter. Even the birth of Hive itself occurred because a community was not going to allow another individual to steal what they had built. It’s an unstoppable mindset as opposed to a “pity me” mindset.

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Final Thoughts

Personally, I am nowhere near where I would like to be in regard to my own personal Hive journey. However, that fact keeps me motivated, as the only way I will eventually get there is by continuing… and appropriating the correct attitude and practices. Often on arrival, one is able to look back and acknowledge that the “joy is in the journey”. Oftentimes, in the present, it is difficult to feel that way. However, it is true and has a way of developing you as a person. It’s how character is formed… nothing good comes easy!

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For me HIVE is to difficult to use, but mayby I get used to it.

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