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The Decision To Launch

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1 month ago

What's Behind My Decision?

Recently  there has been a lot of advancement, as well as changes to some of my favorite blockchain based social media platforms. Blog based platforms such as Publish0x and have both experienced changes to their mechanics and policies. I enjoy utilizing these platforms, as well as others! Namely, and Torum. The latter, being more focused on social media styled content similar to Twitter or Facebook.

Changes to how platforms operate is a mild awakening to a possibility more devastating. A possibility that they will cease operating. I am not necessarily saying that platforms will shut down, but what I am saying is that it would be wise to focus on a project that I own, in the event that actually does happen. I am sure that none of us want to see our favorite platforms disappear! However, planning and being prepared for all scenarios is always my main objective.

This would not mean that I would stop posting content on these platforms. However, I would simultaneously be building my own home base, that is guaranteed to be around despite what certain platforms may decide.

I have literally written hundreds of articles that are sitting on other servers. The traffic these articles receive is directly linked to these platforms. Although I have no objection to this, what if next month they all decided to close up shop? Where does that leave all the work that I have produced? Furthermore, where does that leave me?

I would rather work on all platforms, including my own, ensuring my work has longevity. Leofinance and Hive will also continue to be utilized, as they are also great platforms that offer a lot of value, especially as they are blockchain based, in the true sense of the word.

How Will This Change My Posting Habits?

From this point on, articles and content produced for will be exclusive. Readers can subscribe to receive updates and there is no subscription fee. The site is also user friendly, in that users are not bombarded by pop up ads, push notifications, or any other intrusive and desperate measures so often taken by website owners to ensure revenue.

I will be building up resources and content, as well as disclosing some income methods that I have not previously disclosed. It would be great, if my followers and subs would join me on, as I am quite excited about the future of this project.

Initially, there are a few mirrored articles but from the 20th of September, all content will be unique and exclusive to There are a number of reasons for this, including SEO benefits. Thanks to all my readers who have been faithfully following my journey on all these various platforms for the past few years.

It is definitely not the end but rather an extension that I would love to see you all take part in. I will continue to be active on these third party platforms, as they serve a very relevant purpose.

I will however be focusing much of my attention to going forward. See you on the flipside! 

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Written by   81
1 month ago
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