My TRX Dapp Gamble With Bank Of Tron!

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Smart Contract Yields 3.7% Daily

When it comes to investing and creating passive income, I always try to find the safest opportunities and platforms to build upon. Obviously, whenever you have to physically part with your Crypto, the risk is on! This is why I generally look for income generating opportunities where I can maintain ownership of my coins or tokens. These are very few and far between.

Staking Algorand is one such opportunity, as staking rewards are systematically added to your wallet balance without the need of locking them away in a staking protocol. In essence, you never have to part with your private keys and are still able to earn rewards! This is 1st prize and I am hopeful that there will be more protocols like this in the near future.

At the same time, I like to throw a few dollars at high risk/high return opportunities like BANK OF TRON. This is generally money I can afford to lose and enter with the full understanding that I may lose it. I tested it first with 10 TRX. The contract is designed to reach full ROI in 27 day, which is 3.7% per day.

I Locked Up Just Under 2K TRX

Once I had withdrawn approximately about 70% of my initial investment, I decided to give it a shot! My 10 TRX was just an experiment to ensure I could withdraw etc. I proceeded to deposit 1969.50 TRX and see how long I could keep this machine going, if at all. To date I have withdrawn over 500 TRX, which is more than 25% of my investment.

I also noted that the contract balance was growing significantly fast, indicating that there was still some potential for further earnings. The total TRX locked up in the smart contract at my entry was 338 million and is now 401 million. These types of operations often run well for a while and then suddenly disappear. Knowing and accepting this risk makes all the difference.

The smart contract also offers a BTT option, where the minimum deposit is 10 BTT, which is nothing. I will let you know how far I get with reaching my ROI with these risky dapps. Remember that these are high risk investment vehicles, which I in no way endorse.

To put it simply, this is pretty much gambling or what Bankroll refer to as "entertainment". This is by no means financial advice, please do your own research and remember that with projects like this, the risk is high! Anyone utilizing BANK OF TRON does so at their own risk and can risk losing everything. 

If you are interested in TRX Dapps, check out my article, "Three Top TRX Dapps Utilizing Smart Contracts For Passive Income!".

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An what is the purpose and value in the first place?

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