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1 year ago

Never A Dull Moment

Be careful of saying that things are getting boring in the Crypto space. Prolonged periods of inactivity in regard to price action often lead to significant volatility. Thin order books seem to be the main culprit lately. The effects of news events of late have been a little exaggerated due to thin order books that basically get eaten through with any snippet of news that is interpreted as a negative for BTC and the Crypto market in general. We have however seen some alts shake off the negativity, as they appear to have too much momentum to be slowed by temporal happenings in the world. Cosmos, ChainLink, Fantom, and Decentraland have performed phenomenally well over this brutal period. As I am writing, Cosmos (ATOM) is still up over 40% for the past seven days!

Fantom (FTM) is a coin I began accumulating again about 2 weeks ago, to add to my existing holdings that I acquired more than a year ago. I notified my subs of this move in the following post. This was posted approximately 2 weeks ago. My entry was at $1.35.

Decentraland (MANA) is another one I recently moved into. I notified my subs of this move in the following post. ChainLink (LINK) is something that I have been hodling for almost 2 years now. I have however started making some fresh moves on LINK, largely due to the fact that it hasn't really had a significant run this bull market, well not yet anyway. Along with that is the ecosystem seems to have undergone some decent growth that has managed to slip under the radar. I expect that this is busy being priced in, potentially offsetting significant loss, which many of the other alts are currently experiencing. Even SOL has not handled this dump well but then Solana has experienced another attack.

I continue to hold a bag of stablecoins that I will most never utilize to purchase alts or BTC. They are a bit of insurance. As mentioned before, constant accumulation through various free methods also helps offset the losses. 

Poor BTC

BTC seems to be taking the brunt of some aggression, which I believe may be the result of PlanB and personalities such as Michael Saylor. Don't get me wrong, this is not a bash, just hear me out for a second. These guys have been very outspoken and to a large extent correct in some, even most of the predictions and statements that they have made. However, when you begin to become too credible, too authoritative, you need to be discredited in order to level the playing field. This is how it works, unfortunately. Whether it is a very calculated move, or simply Murphy showing up, it is to be expected. 

BTC Cycles

The debate as to how BTC cycles would mature or change is still going on as those who predicted a steady growth pattern in 2022 due to lengthening cycles are also not looking that great at the moment. Nobody can say with absolute certainty how Bitcoin will perform in the future but we can make some educated and data-driven predictions. Obviously, those who have been right the majority of the time in the past do and should carry some weight.

Let's rather focus our attention on moving forward however BTC may choose to respond instead of getting sucked into silly debates. We make our educated calls and adjust where needed for the benefit of our portfolio.

Thanks for your time! Have a good weekend regardless of the market activity! 


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Since getting into crypto I have to say this is my first real test of spirits, so to speak. It is troubling to see the numbers, but at the same time difficult to write off crypto as well. Although as I say often, it is also difficult to determine what I feel is the best "next step," because with crypto, uinlike so many other investments, there is just so little to go on.

I have slowed my accumulation in the past week or so. But I am still accumulating, and being very calculated in what I actually accumulate.

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1 year ago

Ultimately, you need to spend years in this market. Accumulating in the lows, learning, and going through the school of hard knocks. Even if you are lucky enough to bypass it now, the market will come for you in time.

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This seems very logical, except that when one looks at crypto, there is really only a 12 year history to go by, whereas with other markets there's hundreds.

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