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Metaverse Leaders Vs Metaverse Gambles

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For New Investors

Investors who are aiming at entering the Metaverse sector at this stage of the game are faced with two options. They either jump in on the big guns in the hope that they continue to increase in value over the next while, or they seek out some undiscovered projects that could ultimately also become leaders in the not too distant future. Projects such as SAND and MANA could still experience very significant moves going forward, as it is now very clear that they are both top-tier metaverse plays. I know that investors often feel that the run is over and potential gains are no longer in the picture once a project rallies and enters the Top 50.

This is however not always the case, especially since we have seen Avalanche, Luna, and Solana all continue higher from what at the time appeared to be exhausted levels. There is something about a good project, in the way that it continues to create the element of surprise. So a good investment option continues to have extended opportunities for entry. Obviously, the returns diminish but depending on the entry, there can still be the opportunity to realize some decent gains.

Alternatively, investors can endeavor to identify the new up-and-coming projects in the metaverse space but this can sometimes be a lot more difficult than you may expect. It can also be a long and boring wait. I remember holding MATIC at $0.015 prior to the Polygon rebrand. Many were aware of what MATIC could offer the Crypto world but there was just no momentum. This went on for ages until MATIC finally took off and began to reward the patience of die-hard bag holders.

Every journey is different and each project has a unique path to receiving recognition from the market. Investors can sometimes give up on a project moments before it takes off if they do not exercise adequate patience. This is why I would advocate the following approach.

Best Of Both Worlds

In my opinion, metaverse leaders will see significant surges in price over the long term. There may well be a bearish season prior to this unfolding but over time these projects should continue to appreciate. Investing in a few of these projects is a fairly safe approach, provided you have a significant time horizon.

Seeking out lower cap projects should also be explored. Smaller allocations can be made in riskier plays and positions increased as price action confirms market recognition. I have always said that it is best to begin modestly with small or micro-cap investments, as anything can happen. In the event that the project performs, allocation can be increased at opportune levels.

This is obviously how I am approaching metaverse investments and should not be considered investment advice. Fortunately, I got in early on a couple of metaverse plays, so I am able to throw some caution to the wind but definitely not all.


First of all, I am not a financial advisor. All information provided on this website is strictly my own opinion and not financial advice. I do make use of affiliate links. Purchasing or interacting with any third-party company could result in me receiving a commission. In some instances, utilizing an affiliate link can also result in a bonus or discount.

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Written by   108
1 month ago
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