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LunarCrush - Social Intelligence For Crypto

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Do Research & Earn LUNR As An Added Bonus

Thanks to @whatsup on Leofinance who introduced me to this platform. In essence, LunarCrush takes social sentiment and engagement surrounding certain coins and projects and translates it into usable data for investors and traders to peruse when making investments. The platform is powered by the LUNR token, which users earn on a daily basis as they utilize the platform. Users earn points that are periodically converted to LUNR.

For instance, simply spending time on the site earns users 1 point per minute, up to 60 minutes. I spent some time checking it out yesterday and earned 0.4033 LUNR. 

You can obviously earn more by doing more research and by adding coins to your own portfolio which you are able to set up and track. When you make use of the coin search or browse through the top influencers and their posts, you are able to give your opinion on the project or influencer, which also earns points and ultimately, LUNR. This is displayed in the screenshot below.

There are no tedious activities required but users simply are given the opportunity to earn LUNR as they conduct research and browse the latest news and happenings in the Crypto space. For some, doing research is a chore, so something like LunrCrush could provide a bit of fresh encouragement. This once again points to the incentivized economy that I recently wrote about in "Crypto & The Brilliance Of The Incentivized Economy".

This is the way forward and making the shift now, where possible, is a very wise move in my opinion. The LUNR token is currently trading at $1.50 at the time of writing and may just be a good opportunity to accumulate without the expense and simply hold for the long run. The LUNR token can be traded on Uniswap, AscendEX, and a few other small exchanges. 

I will be having my morning coffee with LunarCrush from here on. Hopefully, I will be able to accumulate a nice bag for much later down the line. Obviously, the actual utility of the token needs to be legitimized. This will however take time, so it's definitely worth earning it now by doing what I already do. I can search coins here and earn LUNR each time. There are obviously caps on the actions but they are quite generous in my opinion. 


First of all, I am not a financial advisor. All information provided on this website is strictly my own opinion and not financial advice. I do make use of affiliate links. Purchasing or interacting with any third-party company could result in me receiving a commission. In some instances, utilizing an affiliate link can also result in a bonus or discount.

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