Living Off Crypto - Soon To Be The New Norm (For Many)

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The Future Becomes The Present

At some point, that which was considered the distant future eventually becomes the present. This is exactly what is beginning to unfold within the Crypto space. It was once considered that Crypto would become a more mainstream and acceptable form of payment, and it has. Many of us have also been saying that eventually, Crypto would become an independent source of income. Unfortunately, there are many aspects to this revolution that are not so pleasant, and we are beginning to see them unfold. Regulation and excessive KYC measures are most likely at the top of everyone’s list. Honestly, the KYC that currently exists within the traditional banking sector is a lot less intrusive than what is currently expected from many Crypto “companies” and exchanges.

Regulators and governments are coming down hard on the sector. This is something that I have been speaking about for years. Eventually, you will have to accept these measures if you wish to operate within the space. Look at the so-called DeFi platforms like PancakeSwap, censoring accounts from “certain” regions. Even MetaMask, which boasts about connecting you to the WEB3 world did likewise. There is actually no such thing as decentralized finance, but rather non-custodial finance. This would be a more accurate description. We have to find the most harmonious way forward, unfortunately.

Ultimately, one can still use decentralized networks such as Bitcoin and Hive to transact, but you are limited, to some extent. These limitations will eventually become even more restrictive. There is really no avoiding this “progression” of events. What we must rather do is find the most “acceptable” path forward. That which is hurdle-free today, might not necessarily be so tomorrow. This is simply the reality at hand.

Infrastructure Is In Place

Even though there is a lot of development that needs to take place, there is sufficient infrastructure to “survive” as a Crypto-based income-earner. I may not be one of them, but there are many Hivers who are earning a living on Hive. For many, a combination of multiple opportunities is being utilized to achieve a similar end. Once more people realize that they are able to earn a Crypto-based income, what do you think will happen? Currently, more than seven million men in the prime of their working lives are leaving traditional employment for an online-based “career”. The opportunities are ever-expanding, as is the infrastructure.

This is not simply just a fad, but rather an entire shift within the professional economic world. For many, it starts off as a side hustle, which often later leads to “employment adjustment”. Having a plethora of opportunities at hand, along with sufficient infrastructure is beginning to attract more and more “frustrated workers”. As we have discussed before, it can be initially challenging, but there is no ceiling. This does not necessarily imply great success. However, it does provide an uncapped opportunity.

For many, this dynamic is far more attractive than job security, which doesn’t actually exist, by the way. There is no such thing. No job can promise you that. Difficult times can strike a company, an entire sector can also become irrelevant over time, ultimately destroying employment. Who knows, Elon Musk might just purchase the company you work for. Job security is an illusion, howbeit, a very convincing one to some.

Final Thoughts

The aspect of price might be rather sluggish at the moment. However, there is a lot currently unfolding, both in plain sight and behind the scenes. I firmly believe that by 2025 there will be a significant adjustment compared to what we see today in terms of business and finance. This will ultimately accelerate towards the closing of the decade, in my opinion. I am not going to be wasting a good opportunity, how about you?

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