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Let's Explore The World Of Passive Crypto Income - Part 7

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1 year ago

Loving Passive Crypto Profits During This Current Carnage

The last couple of weeks in Crypto have been rather uninspiring but this is what I signed up for. I have been involved in this space for about 5 years or so and euphoric highs are often met by dismal lows. If you cannot handle extreme volatility then you should not be involved in this market. It truly is a roller coaster and your plans and trading ideas can often be cancelled without notice by a sometimes erratic and irrational market.

For this reason I developed a trading strategy that incorporated multiple small positions across different assets with different strategies playing out. I found this to be the most constant approach as apposed to one or two large positions but this too can experience stagnation and stressful times. This motivated me to start building a passive earning machine. A small economy in and of itself, where streams flow into other streams and create new streams.

I wanted to be able to secure earnings without having to worry about market conditions and effort. What I have found to be really encouraging, is to see those streams continue to flow during this time where many wells have run dry. When I say passive, I do not mean by blogging and other blockchain based social media platforms. I mean entirely passive, in that if I was on an island somewhere without internet access for a month my streams would continue to flow.

Three Of My Favorite Streams

Tron is a project that I chose to adopt quite aggressively about 8 months ago, for the simple reason that it was heavily undervalued and offered many ways of income generation through staking, dapps and more recently, DeFi. Two of my current favorites utilize TRX and have been performing consistently well for about 6 months or so.

Tewkenaire Network offers a number of high yielding smart contracts. Currently I am only making use of Infinitew and reached ROI a number of months ago. The key to this type of contract is to get your "ROLL" and "WITHDRAW" ratio perfect so that you are maintaining your position and withdrawing your profits simultaneously.

I have been quite impressed with Bankroll and the recent addition of farming contracts has been really positive for the project. There are a number of different contracts that offer different rewards and returns. Users can stake TRX, BTT, BNKR and now many others thanks to the addition of farming contracts. I am earning TRX and BNKR at the moment and have no intention of selling my BNKR regardless of the massive price surge.

There is a limited supply of 21 million BNKR and if Bankroll manages to secure steady adoption through farming contracts, the biggest winner will actually be BNKR. Every farming contract deposit is matched by a BNKR deposit, which establishes a use case with ongoing demand.

A platform that I am actually enjoying a lot lately is Betfury, believe it or not! I don't gamble but mine the BFG BTC token to earn BTC dividends. In a recent post I outlined my strategy for mining BFG tokens for less than 2 cents each. Approximately 1.3 tokens earns 1 satoshi every single day in dividends! So it is relatively easy to build up a decent passive income flow in a fairly short amount of time.

Please be mindful that these are more "high risk" avenues and that nothing disclosed in this article is investment advice.

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Written by   185
1 year ago
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