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It's Time To Stop Fearing Crypto Dumps!

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3 weeks ago

Market Sell-Off Triggers Panic

Being involved in any form of investment subsequently brings about risk. There are no safe investments and while some may be safer than others, there is always risk involved. The recent sell-off in traditional stocks saw Bitcoin and the Crypto market in general, follow suit. This is to be expected, as I have mentioned a few times, stating that a legacy market collapse would trigger a Crypto dump. Despite how strong the Crypto market may be, when traditional traders receive margin calls on their stock futures, they sell.

They sell their Crypto assets in order to provide liquidity to fund their leveraged positions. If these positions are not funded, they are liquidated!

The obvious place to turn would be a market that has already gained them some decent returns. On top of that, a market that trades 24/7! This would be the Crypto market. We saw this in 2020, as traders offloaded their Crypto holdings in order to fund their futures positions. How do we know this was the case? The most obvious tell is the rate at which the Crypto market rebounded. This was an indication that there was nothing fundamentally wrong or weak about the market but that it had unfortunately been used as a scapegoat.

Some may say fortunately, rather than unfortunately. I purchased ETH for approximately $100 when all of this was playing out. In hindsight this move was pivotal in bolstering my portfolio.

The Better Approach 

Many people respond in fear when these moves take place. There is however a better approach, one which needs to be mapped out and put in place prior to these events. In my most recent article, I highlight the different ways I eradicate fear from my investment decisions. I do so by planning counter moves to hedge and protect my portfolio in troubled waters. Find out more in "Learn To Enjoy Crypto Downturns"... 


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Written by   81
3 weeks ago
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