Every LEO Is A Dollar!

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How we choose to view things in life makes all the difference. We are all familiar with the “glass half full” mindset and so on. For me, I need to envision my investments in the future. I have to come to a place where I can envision a “rock solid” future valuation. If I can’t see anything then I simply can’t hold it, it’s that simple. What I am really addressing here is conviction. I have to be firmly convinced that a certain project will eventually reach a particular price. It can outperform that projection significantly, I really don’t care, but it has to at least find a future “floor price” at my expected level. This is where my conviction in regards to Leofinance and the LEO token is quite firmly in place.

Viewing The Obvious

When you take a dive into what is being built within the Leofinance ecosystem, it becomes extremely clear how undervalued LEO is right now. This is generally what happens in bear markets, micro-caps get slaughtered. However, if your micro-cap of choice survives and goes on to provide value in the future, you have hit the jackpot. It is really that simple. Unfortunately, quality projects go down with the garbage in a bear market. The return of a bull market however has a completely different outcome. The quality begins to rise and eventually rally, while the garbage bleeds out and disappears. What we are currently presented with is an opportunity that poses some very good odds. You cannot provide this level of utility and value without eventual recognition, it’s coming!

The Warriors Of Patience & Time

Those with the incorrect mindset become disillusioned and impatient in times like this. However, those who are viewing the opportunity from the correct perspective are seeing a completely different scenario. They see an extended “window of opportunity” and begin to act on it. Looking back, LEO traded as high as $1.21, which gives me a significant amount of conviction that LEO will again trade above a dollar. I believe that over time LEO will trade a lot higher, but as I mentioned, I look for a “base price”. A price I am happy with even though over time I expect it to be a lot higher. Undershooting is better than overshooting! This is an integral part of effective portfolio construction. If all of your predictions and expectations are outside the realm of reality you ultimately end up with a portfolio that is similar to a Toyota engine in a Lamborghini.

Final Thoughts

Ultimately, we need to have a realistic goal or target if we are to invest successfully. Finding an acceptable level is important and this level will vary for everyone. For me, I am content with LEO at a dollar in the not-too-distant future. I do however expect it to outperform that level over time but I have set my eyes upon an “acceptable future valuation” That doesn’t mean that unless I see that level, I am out. No, LEO has utility and value in the long term. A value that is able to “create” future value. LEO, like HIVE, are unique as they are assets that create additional value and income.


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Go Leo, very undervalued token :D Hope we have a massive pump soooon.

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