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Decentralization Is Clearly Superior

Power corrupts, and it always will, there is simply no escaping it. Looking back over the course of 2022 reveals how so many centralized entities imploded despite their size and relevance. Every one of these events can be directly linked to a failure of “leadership”. A classic case of poor risk management, poor decision-making, and even fraud.

The initial concept of Bitcoin was to remove the middleman, and yet here he is wreaking havoc in an economic construct that no longer requires his presence or services. This is clearly the most ironic aspect of what has transpired in the Crypto world this year. This is where blockchains such as Hive begin to reveal their tremendous value.

Even though Hive is listed on a number of major exchanges, it is not reliant upon them and can trade independently. It is censorship resistant and decentralized. I think most of us understand that true decentralization is a dream, but that shouldn’t deter us from enjoying the level of decentralization that is available.

Mitigate Risk

Hive enables users to own, earn, stake, and store Crypto with significantly reduced risk. As we move forward, mitigating risk will become even more important than it is now. Many have been handed out a few “hard lessons” during this current bear market. Whether they go on to learn from them remains to be seen. If anything, self-custody and decentralization have been the key to surviving 2022, along with some solid risk management.

The masses are always late to the party. Once the benefits and brilliance of Hive become more apparent to the herd, they will begin migrating. It’s Just a matter of time and pain. Censorship is still in its infancy. There is still a lot more to come. As Hive continues to grow, the ecosystem is beginning to incorporate more and more of what people want and need.

It’s Imperative

The key is to keep building. Why? Because when the masses arrive they are going to need a digital city full of opportunity and adventure. Eventually, people will be able to build much of “their world” on Hive. Decentralization is imperative in terms of securing future Hivers. Centralization is yet to play its “trump card”. If you think a strong case exists for decentralization, at this point, wait until 2025 and beyond.

Hive is an investment, no matter how you choose to approach it. It’s all about the long game and developing something of significant value. This is also one of the reasons why I became bullish on Cardano. Observing the meticulous development and patience of the team served only to encourage me. While many became irritated, I became convinced, and ultimately, bullish.

Ensuring the foundations are rock solid takes time, and if you want to build a behemoth, you are going to require just that: A rock-solid foundation upon which you can build with zero restrictions. Those who have the correct mindset need no convincing. They know how this process works and are committed to the journey.

Invest In Tokenized Real Estate (DYOR/NFA)

Finding a way of being exposed to future growth while reducing as much risk as possible will become the mindset and approach of many investors going forward. Hive is an obvious choice, in my opinion.

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